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The Super High Roller Series is currently taking place in Cyprus. And during these Super High Rollers in Cyprus, the cryptocurrency exchange Coin Rivet organized an invitational tournament. Businessmen and pro poker players were invited to play an incredible tournament which accounted for 23 million dollars in prize pool.

What is Coin Rivet?

Coin Rivet is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform on the net. But that’s not all. On this platform you will find news on the world of cryptocurrency, NFT’s, I-gaming, podcasts… everything to follow the news of the Blockchain world.

You will also find training on the platform to get started in the best way in the world of investing in crypto currencies. You can access it on a PC or with their mobile app. They have put the means to have an accessible and easy to use platform.

They have been able to build a reputation and today is one of the strongest English-speaking cryptocurrency platforms.

A real success story since 2018 for this platform which has been able to grow and attract a lot of audiences thanks to all these services.

Today they are sponsors of several poker tournaments such as High Roller at the Irish Open.

Corner Rivet Invitational

Today, they are sponsoring a major tournament in the Triton Series. They created the Coin Rivet Invitational.

An invitational tournament where businessmen in the crypto world face poker players.

The platform Rivet Corner invited 45 personalities from the business world and these 45 personalities each invited a professional poker player.

A total of 90 participants in this $200,000 buy-in tournament played over three days for a total prize pool of $23 million.

We could see players like Elky, Phil Ivey, Addamo, Antonius, Chidwick, Rui Cao, YoH Viral (Johan Guilbert), Malinowski, Fedor Holz, Adrian Mateos or Tony G. among others.

An incredible cast that announced a guaranteed show.

$200,000 Coin Rivet Invitational Tournament

90 players responded to this incredible tournament which collected $23 million in prize pool.

A total of 115 entries including 25 rebuys during these 3 days of show at the Merit Royal Diamond in Cyprus.

During the first 8 levels, businessmen and poker players were separated on different tables for fairness reasons.

50 minute levels with a starting stack of 300,000 chips on 500/1000 blinds with a 1000 chip ante. An incredible structure that announced a great game.

A deep stack that allowed us to play very deep and offer us incredible shots, like the one played between Phil Ivey and the Swiss Loeliger.

This blow cost his place to Phil Ivey who left rebuy. King-high flush for Ivey against ace-high flush for Loeliger.

The Swiss pushes Ivey all in who, after a long hesitation, ends up paying and losing his place.

Here’s the shot:

17 players paid in total. The Mincash was $380,000. The winner takes home over $5 million. A beautiful prize that accompanied the title of this incredible tournament.

The tournament was filmed live on Triton’s Twitch and Youtube channels. We were able to follow live two televised tables on this tournament. The organization alternated between the two tables to offer us the most interesting shots.

In addition, each table was followed individually live on their site. You could see the current hands and stacks of each table.

The replays of the lives are available on the Triton channels. We invite you to discover them !

Tournament proceedings

The tournament started with a bang with the elimination of Ivey by the Swiss Loeliger.

The American rebuyed very quickly and rejoined the action at the tables.

Only 17 paid players. Places were hotly contested.

Of the 5 French registered, only one managed to sneak into the paid places. The businessman Karl Chappe-Gatien made a very good place paid since he finished in third position for $2,600,000.

It was the American Eric Worre who won the first place paid for $380,000 followed by the Englishman David Nicholson.

Léon Tsoukernik and Horace Wei finished 15th and 14th respectively for a gain of $400,000 each. Followed by Theis Vad Hennebjerre and the great Daniel Cates (Jungleman) for a gain of $440,000 each.

Just before the final table of 9 players, Vadzim Godzdanker and Tony G. were eliminated for a gain of $485,000.

Tony G. will have left us incredible moves like the one played at the end of Day 2 against Léon Troukernik (known to be the manager of the Kings Casino in Rozvadov):

The Final Table was played with 9 players, with the French as Chipleader at the start of it.

The first eliminated from the final table will be the Dutchman Tom Vogelsang for a gain of $620,000.

Followed in eighth position by American Seth Davies for $770,000. Eliminated by the French Karl Chappe-Gatien who hit a straight with 7c6c against the American’s KcQp.

Finland’s Elisa Talvitie finished 7th for just over a million dollars. Very nice performance!

In 6th position we find Aleksejs Ponakovs for a gain of $1,350,000. And in fifth position the American Ebony Kenney who won $1,700,000 for her first time at the Triton Super High Roller Series. She chained good performances since we saw her finish 5th in the 25 k 8-Handed.

The German Fedor Holz finishes 4th eliminated by the French businessman. He still won a very nice win: $2,100,000.

The joy of the French will be short-lived since after a few hits he loses a large part of his stack. He finished 3rd for $2,600,000 giving way to the final Head’s Up between Sam Grafton and Linus Loeliger.

Sam Grafton will end up winning it with a gain of $5,500,000! Biggest win of his career.

Congratulations to runner-up Linus Loeliger who wins a nice $3,900,000.

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