21Shares & Amun Co-Founders Explain Why Crypto Index Products Are Signs Of A Maturing Industry

Amun Holdings Limited – owner of both 21Shares and Amun, Inc. – introduces the first one crypto exchange traded product (ETP) on the market in 2018.

Although the collaborative ARK Investments ETF and 21Shares bitcoin spot ETF was recently rejected in the United States, 21Shares remains the world’s largest provider of crypto ETPs with 30 unique products currently trading on exchanges.

In this episode of The Scoop, taped during the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, 21Shares and Amun co-founders Hany Rashwan and Ophelia Snyder sat down with host Frank Chaparro to discuss the current crypto ETP landscape and explain why they think the rise of crypto index tokens and crypto basket ETPs are signs of a maturing industry.

As Snyder commented during the interview:

“’Is bitcoin going to drop to zero this year?’ is no longer a continuous story. It changes things. That means people are starting to think of crypto as an asset class, as an industry, as a theme… It’s not, ‘ok, will bitcoin exist now?’ It’s now, ‘Okay, well, crypto is definitely going to exist, so what’s the S&P 500 for crypto?’

While 21Shares has the most ETP offerings on the market, other companies are also developing crypto basket products such as Bitwise. recently announced NFT index fund (although this fund is only available to accredited investors).

Given their positions in the market, both Rashwan and Snyder are keenly aware of the institutional funds flowing into crypto: something the two have continued to witness despite the market downturn over the past few months.

As Snyder explained:

“What I find most interesting about flow data is that it’s not strongly correlated to price. And I had a very interesting conversation with one of our top market makers about a week ago, talking about what’s really going on in this market, and what they’re seeing on the trading side, and the One of the key takeaways is this: Institutions are actually forming theses-based investment philosophies. So they look at the fundamentals…they develop a thesis and they invest.

During this episode of The Scoop, Chaparro, Rashwan and Snyder also discuss:

  • Progress on a Bitcoin Spot ETF
  • Crypto Basket Index Tokens vs. Crypto ETPs
  • How Amun and 21Shares work with global digital asset regulation

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21Shares & Amun Co-Founders Explain Why Crypto Index Products Are Signs Of A Maturing Industry

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