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In the end, whether the crypto market is on the road to recovery or still facing a wintery October, there is always room to profit from your digital assets.

Here are some high-yield ways to invest your cryptocurrencies and make sure they don’t sit idle waiting for the market to recover.

1- Benefit from automated arbitration

One of the easiest ways to generate profits from your digital assets is to use an automated trading system. The safest strategy you can implement is cryptocurrency arbitrage because it allows you to make money no matter what direction the market is heading.

ArbiSmarta financial services ecosystem EU authorized and powered by the RBIS token offers one of the most established and reputable arbitration systems on the market.

The automated system cryptocurrency arbitrage from ArbiSmart offers consistent gains of up to 45% per year from temporary price mismatches: short periods when a digital asset will be available at different prices simultaneously. The causes are multiple: the disparities in trading volume between the largest and smallest exchanges, the price differences occur with the same regularity in the ups and downs, making an arbitrage investment strategy of cryptocurrencies a solid hedge against falling prices.

The investor simply deposits funds and that’s it. The automated system then converts the funds into RBIS and uses them for arbitrage trades. It scans a wide variety of assets across 35 exchanges, around the clock, looking for price differences. He then buys the asset where the price is lowest, before immediately reselling it in the market that offers the highest price, in order to make a profit on the spread.

2- Open a savings plan

An interest-bearing wallet is another way to profit from your cryptocurrency with minimal effort, risk, or market knowledge, no matter which direction the market is moving.

We can once again take the example of the ArbiSmart project, which recently launched an interest-bearing wallet offering secure storage and rates of up to 147% per annum. This even when cryptocurrencies are in an uptrend or a downtrend.

arbismart wallet

The wallet, launched in July, supports 25 FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies. It offers short-term plans, where funds are locked in, for short periods of 1 or 3 months, as well as long-term plans with contracts expiring after 2, 3 or 5 years. The longer the funds are blocked, the higher the interest rate. If the daily interest can be paid automatically into a separate balance accessible at any time, the holders of portfolios can obtain a better return by adding the interest directly to the blocked savings balance (where the principal is represented).

The main factor that determines the amount of interest received by the holder of a portfolio is the account level, which is determined by the amount of RBIS it holds. Whether the savings balance is in BTC, USD or FIAT, the interest rate of the device will be all the higher if the wallet owner has RBIS.

Balances in RBIS generate 3x more revenue than balances in any other supported currency. However, if the balance is held in Ethereum, Ape Coin or Euro, the savings plan can still get better returns if interest is earned in RBIS.

3- RBIS, a crypto that analysts say is set to explode.

Most of the news surrounding the cryptocurrency market over the past year has been pretty grim, aside from a few bright spots.

So why do some cryptos have greater earning potential in falling markets?

Well, we have already seen that the ArbiSmart project provides an attractive haven for cryptocurrency holders in a bearish period, generating steady and predictable gains regardless of which direction the market is heading. As the new wallet finds its footing and builds a user base, the increased demand for RBIS tokens will stall savings plans and remove them from general circulation, diminishing supply already. limited number of tokens and will drive up their price.

It is also essential to note that over the next four months, ArbiSmart will introduce a number of new services, all of which will require the use of RBIS and will further increase the price of the token. These include a mobile app, an NFT marketplace, an ArbiSmart original NFT collection, a professional cryptocurrency exchange, a lucrative gaming metaverse, and a decentralized service. of farming. These unique game features will reward liquidity providers with an annual return of up to 190,000% plus 0.3% from each transaction fee.

All these services offered by RBIS will be interconnected and the use of each additional ArbiSmart utility will give rise to even more preferential conditions. For example, buying an NFT from the market can generate a higher annual return for farmers, while serving as a game element that increases score in the metaverse.

As ArbiSmart’s financial services ecosystem and interest-bearing wallet grows, the price of the token will skyrocket. Especially as more RBIS services will be added and demand will begin to outstrip supply. It is therefore not surprising that analysts predicted that ArbiSmart’s RBIS token will grow 70 times its current value by the first quarter of 2023.

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To start earning generous profits with your bitcoins and other assets, in all market conditions, open a wallet Interest-bearing today!


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3 easy ways to use Arbismart to multiply your Bitcoin and Ethereum by 10 – BeinCrypto

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