5 launchpads to watch closely in the crypto ecosystem

The paradox with launch pads, is that they are as popular as they are unknown to the large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Those who know them have no idea how the launch pads or the use made of it.

So let’s start by asking the simplest question: what is a launchpad ? How does it work?

We designate by Launchpads the incubation platforms that allow blockchain projects to raise capital via crowdfunding. By participating in raising capital, members of the community of a launchpad therefore become early investors in the projects thus financed. With that clarification made, let’s review the top five launch pads.


Bybit is a platform of crowdfunding which allows investors to have early access to new and pre-listed tokens from blockchain-based projects. Users must wager the native token of the platform, the ILO, on each project to participate in fundraising by crowdfunding.

Alpha Launchpad

Alpha Launchpad is a platform of crowdfunding launched by Alpha Labs as part of their Alpha Venture DAO platform and community. The latter constitutes a fully decentralized venture capital fund intended to challenge the current funding model of Web3.

Alpha Finance Lab aims to provide end-to-end support and coaching to Web3 projects through its newly created Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). These activities will be overseen by Alpha Venture DAO partner Terraform Labs and a group of more than 50 Web3 thought leaders, influencers and investors.

All the Web3 initiatives sponsored by Alpha Venture DAO, in addition to benefiting from the advice of industry professionals, will have access to Alpha’s growing network of more than 100,000 Web3 users.

UpLift DAO

UpLift DAO is a fully-fledged platform decentralized and autonomous dedicated to the sale and exchange of tokens. It offers the possibility to develop, launch and progress DAO-related projects.

Because this platform is decentralized, it is the entire community that makes strategic decisions about its operation. His community is made up of members from 80 countries.

UniX Gaming

UniX Gaming is both a community and a gaming platform. Its goal is to become the largest gaming guild in the gaming industry. Play-to-Earn. Unix itself is not the launchpadbut rather the IGO platform which is currently under development.

It is a launch pad that was created to provide community members with early access to some of the newest AAA games before they are released to the general public. Depending on how many UniX tokens they have staked, community members will have more or less access to the launch pad.


Polkastarter is a platform of crowdfunding decentralized platform through which blockchain teams and companies can fund and launch their initiatives. It allows projects to build pools of multi-chain tokens while generating revenue and fostering community growth.

Polkastarter intends to eventually move to a fully automated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance system.

The launch pads crypto is unmistakably different from the usual model of fundraising, which is generally characterized by a long and rigorous procedure. Startups can now raise millions of dollars in minutes, with high returns for early investors. However, we must not lose sight of the danger inherent in the very nature of these launch pads. Before investing, it is worth doing thorough research and measuring the reliability of the platform to support your operation.

Source : cryptoslate.com

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5 launchpads to watch closely in the crypto ecosystem

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