500 lost bitcoins wake up: A BTC whale comes out of hibernation

Arise the sun is shining – The dormant bitcoins are part of the imagination cryptographic. But even the bitcoins pricked with the spindle, under the sweet kiss of a charming prince, one day wake up. Indeed, a bitcoin in hibernation for 10 years has just woken up.

Hibernating bitcoin wakes up and polls

During this month of September, a bitcoin in hibernation has wake up. Did a prince charming knock on his door? Indeed, the action of bitcoin price this year is accompanied by movements of very old. Some parts dormant since 10 years or more seem don’t want to wait 100 yearsas the curse predicts.

On-chain data reveals that these two-year lows in BTC have called on investors to pull these handsome tokens out of their deep slumber. Indeed it is one of the parts the oldest of the offer that is waking up today. These moves come as BTC/USD retraces to levels not seen since the fourth quarter of 2020. This exit from the dreams of these BTC questions how long-term holders will to act.

The mixed picture painted by this tale is as follows: the supply of dormant bitcoins getting oldbut some of the older investors seem to want sell at current price. The latest episode of this adventure corresponds to a BTC back in circulation after having hibernated in the same wallet for at least 10 years.

“We have seen the movement of some very old coins in the last week. Pieces that hadn’t moved on the channel for over 10 years” – Source: Twitter

We hadn’t seen the beauty since 2012. It is in total 510.65 BTC which circulated again for the first time last week. This is Phillip Swift who announced via Twitter these movements about which little is known. He is the creator of LookIntoBitcoinan on-chain analytics resource.

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But there have never been so many dormant BTCs

Let’s put things into perspective, the wood is full of dormant bitcoins. In effect, Glassnodethe on-chain analytics firm, has confirmed that much of BTC’s supply has now been dormant for a while. decade. It’s more than ever before, a new sleep HUD. As of September 27, no less than 2,521,378.890 BTC which have remained out of circulation for at least 10 years.

number of dormant bitcoins over 10 years old
“Last activity bid amount > 10 years just reached an ATH of 2,521,378,890 BTC” – Source: Twitter

As a reminder, the end of August was marked by moving 10,000 BTC on-chain, having first left their wallets in 2013. According to LookIntoBitcoin, Bitcoin’s June lows saw a larger amount of coins over 10 years move. In a single day, June 14, we are talking about 477.80 BTC recorded.

There will surely always be a bitcoin in hibernation to leave us wondering. While some whales have decided to put them back into circulation, most of these bitcoins are still at rest. Will this change? Mindsets are changing and the trend may suggest not.

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500 lost bitcoins wake up: A BTC whale comes out of hibernation

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