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Do Kwon has not said his last word! After the creation of the second version of Terra, the entrepreneur now intends to revolutionize the crypto sphere by taking inspiration from a well-known application.

Finding love through crypto

What if cryptocurrencies could provide everything people need? In addition to allowing them to make a fortune with the snap of their fingers (according to some actors), they could also bring love to those who ask for it.

At least that’s the new idea of ​​Do Kwon, the founder of the famous Fallen Terra. Since the creation of the second version of his play, the entrepreneur has continued to come back to the fore with new ideas. He would also be working on a brand new stablecoin.

A man named FatMan, a member of Terraform Labs who saw the birth and death of the Do Kwon token, is working to inform Twitter about the latest news from the team. Among the latter are the latest escapades and whims of the Korean entrepreneur, including the last idea that came to his mind: to create a dating application operating on the basis of crypto. This would look like Tinder in all respects but would require its users to pay in cryptocurrency to be able to meet people.

You pay tokens to swipe through the different people the algorithm suggests. If someone selects you, you receive tokens. If it’s a match, the chips go into a DAO. Pretty girls sell!

Excerpt from Do Kwon’s proposal for the possible creation of a crypto Tinder

Source: FatManTerra Twitter account

For the moment, the project is only at the stage of reflection. Do Kwon himself calls it a “semi-joke”, which means that he seems to be keeping the project under wraps for the future and, above all, that he would consider taking action. Nevertheless, if he wants to see his Tinder project see the light of day, the entrepreneur will have to come up against the reluctance of his team.

While I love a good joke, I also find it sickening that Do Kwon can act so jovially when people are literally dead because of him. Three people in direct contact with me do not have enough to eat and rely on the allowances paid by Terra to survive.

Excerpt from FatManTerra’s tweet

The Tinder of crypto: another crazy idea from Do Kwon?

If we can salute the creativity of Do Kwon as well as his resilience, this new idea is far from being welcomed by the public. Known for the early or forced abortion of his projects, the creator of the UST seems to scatter without worrying about keeping his commitments.

While he had promised that the investors of his old token would be compensated, some complain that they have not received anything… while Do Kwon is already looking elsewhere. Reproaches which are shared by the members of Terraform Labs, and which FatMan does not hesitate to share.

As for the proposed dating app project, it may face competition. While it could be the first of its kind to offer crypto-based services, it risks being quickly ousted by the original Tinder, which has already launched own virtual currency.

As long as the set works on yet another token created by Do Kwon, this new application could also be overwhelmed by the growing bad reputation of its creator, forcing users to fall back on safer values. The entrepreneur will therefore have to roll up his sleeves and give a boost to the projects he left behind if he does not want to pass for yet another crypto crackpot.


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After Terra 2.0, Do Kwon wants to create the crypto Tinder – BeinCrypto

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