All Celsius User Accounts Revealed With Their Crypto Balance

As part of the legal process to handle the bankruptcy of the crypto lending platform, data on each user’s accounts has been released.

Personal data leaks don’t always come from where you expect them to. This time, it is not hackers who are behind the disclosure of confidential information but… a legal proceeding. The balances by crypto-asset of account holders at Celsius before its bankruptcy have just been revealed in detail. In concrete terms, it is enough to know a person’s first and last name to find out how much cryptocurrency they held, asset by asset (ethers, bitcoins, usdt, etc.), on the platform. Celsius claimed 1.7 million users before its bankruptcy.

These elements are contained in a report transferred to the US bankruptcy court (page 92), which is available to anyone online. This report was sent by the law firm of the Celsius group, namely Kirkland & Ellis, to the American courts. As a reminder, the Celsius cryptocurrency lending platform had frozen withdrawals and transfers from its users on June 12 in the context of strong market tension, plunging its 1.7 million customers, spread over more than 100 countries, into uncertainty about ever getting their funds back. Then, in mid-July, the group was placed under the American bankruptcy regime. A process still ongoing.

Celsius was one of the main cryptocurrency lending/staking platforms, which allowed you to lend your cryptocurrencies on a blockchain against interest. The company offered interest rates over 18% for savers, but only 0.1% for borrowers.

It has since been learned that Celsius does not have the necessary assets at all in relation to its claims (essentially the money that the platform owes its customers). A hole in the coffers of 2.84 billion dollars at the latest news.

Leaders left with millions of dollars

The publication of sensitive customer data is another blow. Especially since we can easily imagine that hackers or crooks use it to try to trap certain people (for example users with rather full accounts). Only the residence addresses of Celsius customers have been erased.

Also, on Monday, FinancialTimes revealed that Celsius boss and co-founder Alex Mashinsky recovered $10 million from his personal Celsius accounts in May, just before all customers’ accounts were frozen. Otherwise, in a document recently filed on Wednesday as part of the legal proceedings, these amounts have been confirmed. In addition, it is indicated that Daniel Leon, co-founder and chief service officer (CSO), had also taken back 7 million dollars from his accounts in early June, just before the freezing of the platform. He had also recovered the equivalent of $4 million of CEL, the tokens of Celsius, used as collateral for a loan.

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All Celsius User Accounts Revealed With Their Crypto Balance

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