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While the market has been at half mast in recent months, some altcoins have been able to resist the fall in the crypto market and hold their own.

The past few weeks have been tricky in the crypto industry. The bear market has been tricky for many projects, but some are managing to turn in positive performance over the past 90 days. In comparison, Bitcoin is down nearly 7% while Ethereum is up 5.54% over the same span. Focus on altcoins, which stand out among the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap.

The LUNC, an unexpected number one:

Even though this token caused many disappointments last spring, LUNC is now looking to achieve a masterful comeback based on burn, hype on social networks and a “close collaboration” with Binance. Currently trading at $0.0002714, the token is up 164% over three months, including a peak above $0.0005 in early September. At the same time, the LUNC displays large volumes of exchange, which testifies to a certain interest surrounding the token.

Quant, a meteoric rise token

In recent weeks, this cryptocurrency has been in very good shape, with a net revival over the past few days. Comparing the current price to last year’s ATH, the token is down “only” 50%, which is still a “performance” with less of a drop compared to many altcoins in this bear market. Even top assets Bitcoin and Ethereum are seeing bigger declines.

Moreover, compared to the ATL (All Time Low) reached by the token, the asset is a high return investment. Over the past week, QNT has gained nearly $100, bringing its current price to around $215. Over 90 days, the asset is up 100%, making it the second best riser among top 100 altcoins by market cap.

Ethereum Name Service, a constantly rising token

Number 3 in this ranking, the ENS cryptocurrency continues to refloat. After peaking around $85 late last year, the asset has tumbled for much of the year. However, over the last three months, ENS is up more than 72%, a notable performance in the midst of the bear market.

Huobi Token, the only exchange token that stands out

While major crypto exchanges like Binance or FTX are struggling with their native BNB and FTT tokens, Huobi Token has been standing out in recent weeks. Rather stagnant this summer, the token rallied strongly due to the news surrounding the Huobi exchange. Indeed, following the news surrounding the Huobi exchange, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, joined the team as a high-level advisor. But still, it seems that Justin Sun occupies a place of shareholder, since he announced to hold millions of HT tokens.

Over the last 90 days, the token has increased by 57%, while over a week, the value of the token has doubled.

Chiliz and token fans, an unstoppable machine?

With a price of $0.18, the CHZ crypto initially fell during this bear market. Long traded above $0.50, the token then fell, as did the crypto market. However, over the past three months, the news surrounding the token has been positive, with several projects in development and partnerships that are still very interesting.

Over 90 days, CHZ is up 55%, significantly outperforming the majority of cryptocurrencies. With token fans growing and the World Cup on the horizon, the token will be one to watch closely at the end of the year, and partnerships too.

Casper: An Ethereum killer at the rendezvous

As part of the native CSPR cryptocurrency of the Casper project, the increase is only very recent. Indeed, until ten days ago, the token was stuck at a price far removed from its current price. However, the token exploded twice: on October 6 and this weekend. Now, the asset is trading at $0.494, down more than 96% from its ATH of $1.36, but up 54% over the past 90 days. The hype surrounding the upcoming arrival of Casper 2.0 is undoubtedly not unrelated to recent bullish movements, which make it one of the most profitable altcoins of the last three months.

PancakeSwap: a piece of the cake for the Cake token

Unlike some of the tokens in this ranking, the DEX Cake listed on the BSC Pancake Swap has seen a gradual rise from a chart. In the end, 35% have been gained in the last 90 days, after a very large drop in recent months. The token is now always closer to $5.


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Altcoins: LUNC, QNT, CSPR, which cryptos have outperformed over the last 90 days? – BeinCrypto France

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