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Crypto anonymous restores its image and regains color following the evolution of the concerns of the industry.

Anonymous crypto back in fashion?

As cryptocurrency regulation and surveillance intensifies around the world, especially in the United States following the Ripple lawsuit and to pinning from FTX, holders of digital currencies are looking for a way to retain their freedom. Despite the reputation given to the industry by the various authorities, Bitcoin and transactions are far from advocating incognito, with the exception of crypto anonymous. It is the latter that regains some popularity with the public.

Considered one of the first anonymous currencies, Monero slowly starting to interest investors. Since the beginning of the week, XMR has seen its value increase by 6%.

While the phenomenon can be justified by some improvement in the market since last Monday and by the correction that altcoins have benefited from, Monero’s comeback may also be the result of the initiative of companies such as HackNotice. The latter, which bases its activities on cybersecurity, has indeed engaged its customers to buy its services with XMR by advancing the argument of confidentiality.

Source: HackNotice Twitter account

Other Tokens Categorized in Crypto anonymousas ZCash, also find an upward slope. While Verge is also benefiting from the improvement in the market, the PIVX project is regaining its place in the sector with a value that has increased by 25% in the last 24 hours. Beware, however, if the rise of PIVX may be associated with the development of the project and the fact that it begins to make itself known in a context of tense confidentiality, the price of the token is certainly the subject of speculation. Investors are therefore advised to remain cautious as the token is volatile.

The Crypto Sphere Stands Up Against Censorship

If privacy is to be treasured by the industry despite upcoming regulations and crypto anonymous could make it possible to stem a tiny part of the surveillance, the threat of censorship remains very present. Again today, Sam Bankman-Fried gave his opinion on the need to keep a certain freedom in transactions while guarding against granting too much to validators.

Source: Sam Bankman-Fried’s Twitter account

The fight seems complicated and the border between anonymity and censorship is sometimes tenuous. This is for example the case for the case Tornado Cash where many transactions were stopped following the punch of the American authorities who saw the switch to crypto anonymous with a bad eye. Fears that are still very present on the side ofEthereum where the switch to proof of stake has become synonymous with a certain submission to validators. According to one of the project’s developers, censorship is already in the news.

Source: Twitter account of Martin Köppelmann

Time will, however, tell us if the crypto anonymous will have been able to resist the regulator and whether its newfound popularity was a fad or a means of struggle.


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Anonymous Crypto: In the Face of Censorship and Surveillance, Tokens Regain Success – BeinCrypto

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