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PRESS RELEASE. Recent news reveals that AuroraFS has advanced in its vision and direction regarding the development of the next generation of DApps that will be deployed on the decentralized P2P cloud storage and distribution network. AuroraFS has announced plans to begin building DApps that will run on the Content Delivery and Storage Network, in addition to Web3Tube.

Web3Tube is the decentralized video storage and sharing app that has been in full test mode for over a month now. Web3Tube was the first decentralized application to display the power and capability of the decentralized cloud network known as AuroraFS. Now, with the expansion in the development of more DApps, the search for DApps developers is on.


What do the new development plans look like?

The development of the next generation of DApps has sparked a search for decentralized application developers to contribute talent to AuroraFS to provide just that. For the AuroraFS blockchain network to begin generating future DApps that will run and demonstrate the power and expansiveness of the global pool of peer-contributed data resources will require new ideas and talent, so the network set out to find both.

Ideas aren’t just coming from network contributors and advisors, but the AuroraFS Network community has also been invited to weigh in and submit ideas for the next wave of DApps to be developed. This certainly comes across as a sensible move, as one would expect the community to be instrumental in operating these upstream DApps. The community was invited to play a complex role in the development of the network in this way, as AuroraFS demonstrates through action, a clear degree of trust in the opinions and views of its community, the creators of Web3Tube videos, network users, AuroraFS and Web3Tube contest and campaign winners and airdropped AUFS token holders.

“We were thrilled to have feedback from the AuroraFS community. They actively use the network at Web3Tube and are involved in all the contests and upgrades that have been made to the decentralized network, so it’s definitely a good idea to consider their valuable feedback for the next phase of AuroraFS DApps. – Warwick Powell, Gauss Aurora Laboratory Design and Research Manager

DApps on AuroraFS so far

So far, the focus has been almost exclusively on Web3Tube, the initial DApp developed to demonstrate the vast capabilities of the AuroraFS decentralized content network. It took a long time, as Web3Tube was in its conceptualization phase because AuroraFS was still deep in its development phase, just beyond theory and assumptions. Since then, a downloadable version of Web3Tube has gone live and has been available since March, when future airdrop campaigns began.

Web3Tube is comparable to a platform like YouTube, but innovative in that it is completely decentralized. To do this, Web3Tube depends on the fully decentralized yet fully secure AuroraFS innovation that combines state-of-the-art technologies to create data efficiency advanced enough to deliver HD quality in a fully decentralized and secure environment. Achieving this while simultaneously maintaining anonymity and integrity has actually been a feat so far for AuroraFS, which drives the decision and motivation for developing more DApps this season.

Final Mentions and Next Steps for AuroraFS

With development plans for the next phase of DApps certain, AuroraFS is closing in on its planned token and mainnet launch in the third quarter of this year. The exact date of the third quarter has not been determined, as improvements for the sake of optimal quality are still regularly made to the Web3Tube network and application.

The final round of the third official airdrop contests and campaigns also ended recently, and Gauss Aurora Labs’ team of AuroraFS contributors made several appearances at blockchain and tech events. Team members were present at Blockchain Week in Australia at the end of March, as well as FinTech21 held in Melbourne on May 18-19. Thus, exposure has been a focus as the Gauss Aurora Labs team seeks to educate individuals about the new blockchain development that is yet to be fully released.

The latest version of AuroraFS can be downloaded online with devices that meet the necessary system requirements. This could become a higher priority piece of information as broadband mining, which has been enabled in the testing phase so far, is expected to go live soon, as the full launch of the network nears. All other AuroraFS news and information can be followed on community social networks and Telegram interactive chat.

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AuroraFS DApps Development Capabilities Will Be Improved – Bitcoin News Press Release Bitcoin News

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