Back in detail on the Tamadoge project and its TAMA token

While the arrival of The Merge, the Ethereum blockchain update, is expected to arrive in less than 12 hours, another crypto project currently in presale could benefit from the event. This is Tamadoge and we will detail its characteristics throughout this article.

Back in detail on the Tamadoge project and its TAMA token

Tamadoge is a P2E project inspired by the famous DogeCoin that combines the excitement linked to different memecoins, such as DOGE or SHIB, with the possibilities offered by a system Play-to-Earn inspired by the model created by the famous Axie Infinity. The broader aim of the Tamadoge project is the creation of a metaverse which will bear the name of TamaVerse and in which players will be able to interact with each other.

In this game which is also inspired by the Tamagotchi, users will have the possibility of creating their own pets in the form of NFTs, these will be referred to as Tamadoge Pets. It will be possible to raise and train them, then users can then compete against other players’ Tamadoge Pets in order to win rewards such as tokens. TAMA. The competitive aspect will indeed be present since there will be a monthly ranking, enough to delight players looking for fierce confrontation.

Note that the TAMA is obviously the token of Tamadoge and that it is a token of the type ERC20 that is to say that it works on the Ethereum blockchain which will also carry out its update called The Merge in less than 12 hours. This update will move the Proof of Work system that is currently used to a Proof of Stake system, which is much greener and less energy-intensive.

Despite the fact that it is already attracting a lot of interest from a large share of investors in the crypto ecosystem, it is quite possible that Tamadoge will benefit from the euphoria related to this update due to his use of the Ethereum blockchain as support for his project. And that would reinforce all the more the displayed success of its pre-sale.

The TAMA token is deflationary in nature, which solves one of the recurring problems with Play to Earn (P2E) games, namely their ability to withstand the test of time. With the usefulness brought by the Play to Earn aspect than the others “same cornersdo not possess, TAMA may also be able to avoid the prolonged correction that meme coins tend to have over time, favoring a different pattern that would maintain sustained growth over the long term. .

Back in detail on the Tamadoge project and its TAMA

About the Tokenomic, in other words the token economy, we are talking here about a project that envisages a ceiling for the TAMA which would be of the order of 2 billion. And out of this cap a total of 50% of the tokens will be reserved in the context of the presale.

otherwise 5% tokens that will be used in the context of transactions will be “burned”, ie they will be destroyed in order to reduce the number of available tokens and thus increase its rarity in the long term.

The beta version of the Tamadoge application should be launched by the team during the fourth quarter 2022once the public presale is over and investors are able to claim the Tamadoge they previously purchased.

Over $15 million raised in Tamadoge presale

The least we can say is that investors were seduced by the Tamadoge project, indeed with more than 15 million dollars collected it is undeniable that the enthusiasm was more than massive.

At the current rate, we see that the ninth phase of the presale will soon begin. In the latter, the price of a token is equivalent to 33.33 TAMA for 1 USDT. Note that the price of tokens increases as the presale phases follow one another.

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The initial price during the first phase of the presale was $0.01 but has now increased to $0.027 which represents an increase of 170%. It is therefore already a great success for the investors who joined the adventure in the first phase of the presale.

The excitement Tamadoge is currently generating in the crypto ecosystem is quite spectacular, as the project hit the $13 million milestone on Friday, September 9, it passed the token threshold of $15 million harvested barely a week later, on Tuesday September 13th. And if the trend continues, the 16 million mark will soon be crossed too.

To participate, nothing could be simpler: investors can obtain Tamadoge (TAMA) by connecting a MetaMask wallet or Trust Wallet to the official site before choosing a payment method.

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Back in detail on the Tamadoge project and its TAMA token

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