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Bill Murray has amassed a crypto kitty through an NFT sale. It was without counting on the presence of pirates who got their hands on a juicy booty.

A hundred thousand dollars stolen in a jiffy

Non-fungible tokens, now subject to a sinking market, previously enjoyed great popularity. A phenomenon that will have attracted many celebrities to the market, including Snoop Dogg and Bill Murray. The American actor has surfed the wave of NFTs by releasing a collection of digital works of art in his effigy, entitled Beer With Bill Murray. One of the images was put up for auction, the funds from which would then be donated to charity.

The event would have opposed six buyers ready to recover the famous sesame. The latter would also give them the right to share a drink with their favorite actor. In all, almost 119 ETH (or $185,000 at the time of their harvest) were reportedly paid out during the sale.

The whole should have been donated to the Chive Charities organization but a cybercriminal decided otherwise. Hours after the event, Bill Murray’s crypto wallet was pirate and the 119 ETH were stolen in a jiffy. Part of the actor’s NFT collection was also the subject of an attempted theft, to no avail. Indeed, nearly 800 digital works would have been secured in time and transferred to a refuge wallet.

Bill Murray did not comment on the event and the theft was announced on social media by the Venkman Project, a partner in the sale. Many Internet users have already participated in the bailout of the kitty. Others have also offered to trace the stolen funds and take them back.

Source: Project Venkman Twitter account

NFT security, an urgent issue?

Despite a failing market, non-fungible tokens are still being hacked. Bill Murray would not be the threshold to pay the price. The Rug Pull Finder community has also suffered from a security breach in its own NFT contract. Two criminals thus stole 450 works belonging to the project’s collection.

Source: Rug Pull Finder Twitter account

While many projects still see their NFTs stolen due to breaches, the arrival of non-fungible tokens on Facebook and Instagram is arousing fear among users. The works can now be used as a profile photo, but Internet users are far from happy about it. At a time of hacking and data theft, the holding of information on crypto wallets by the Meta company is viewed with suspicion. Criminals could thus recover the data and steal the NFTs that are there.

Source: NPC-Picac Twitter account

NFTs continue to expand their use on the internet. They could therefore be subject to more and more attacks if the crypto sphere does not review its contracts and protocols in time.


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Bill Murray collects crypto for charity and gets hacked – BeinCrypto

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