Bitcoin for a Big Mac? McDonald’s accepts payment in crypto

News hardware Bitcoin for a Big Mac? McDonald’s accepts payment in crypto

The famous American fast-food chain already offered payment in Bitcoin at points of sale located in El Salvador – the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. This time McDonald’s is taking adoption a step further by announcing support for cryptos as a means of payment in a Swiss McDonald’s.

Bitcoin comes to McDo

While Bitcoin has seen its price drop from €60,000 to €20,000 since November 2021, large companies continue to develop the use of cryptos. This is the case of McDonald’s which has integrated support for Bitcoin in its restaurants located in El Salvador.

Indeed, for more than a year, it has been possible to pay for your best-of menu using Bitcoin, in El Salvador. Once the menu has been ordered, the terminal prints a ticket on which is written a QR code necessary to send the funds in BTC. With the Lightning Network, transactions are as fast as paying by credit card. It is important to specify that this means of payment has been added to the others (cash and bank card) and not to replace them.

If you are planning a trip to El Salvador, count 0.00029 BTC, or $5.80 for a best-of Big mac menu.

The fast-food chain is one of many companies (Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc.) to initiate this type of practice following the adoption of cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country. Only this service is no longer only reserved for Latin American countries.

The first McDonald’s in Europe accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC)

It is in a McDonald’s located in Switzerland that it is now possible to pay for your order in Bitcoin. Specifically, the city of Lugano hosted the plan ₿ project, a foundation that aims to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies in the city’s businesses.

With this initiative, consumers can now pay for their menu in Bitcoin. Despite the use of Bitcoin, the best-of Big Mac remains a little more expensive than in El Salvador: count 0.00070 BTC, or 13.96 Swiss francs at current prices. Conversion occurs instantly at checkout.

However, Bitcoin is not the only crypto payment alternative. Indeed, to guard against the volatility of BTC, McDo also accepts payments in stablecoin Tether (USDT). Backed by a 1 dollar, the cryptocurrency makes it possible in particular to avoid the decline in purchasing power linked to the price movement of Bitcoin.

In addition, the brand allows you to pay in LVGA, a cryptographic token from the city of Lugano. This currency notably offers cashback advantages of 5% to 10% when purchases are made from Luganese merchants – a way of promoting the local economy.

This initiative makes it possible to consider other means of payment and to confront Bitcoin with everyday expenses. Indeed, before being a speculative asset, crypto aims to become an alternative currency to FIAT (euro, dollar…) Thus, these crash tests seem essential to know if Bitcoin is viable in daily transactions.

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Bitcoin for a Big Mac? McDonald’s accepts payment in crypto

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