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Cardano sees its token climb again after Sam Bankman-Fried confirms that it will one day be listed.

Cardano and FTX soon reconciled?

Could the tide finally be turning in favor of Cardano? After a rather unstable month of October punctuated by the drop in his token and the passing unnoticed of the Vasil upgrade, Charles Hoskinson’s project seems to be floundering a bit. A phenomenon that has not improved following statements announcing the ADA as dead. Yet, a simple Twitter post managed to bring the sun back to the Cardano community.

Indeed, it has been in conflict with the exchange platform FTX for many months following the apparent refusal of the latter to list its coin. A user who could not bear to see the crypto giant turn its back on its favorite token did not hesitate to settle accounts with Sam Bankman-Fried.

However, after accusing him of intentionally avoiding theADA, the latter did not receive the apologies he expected. On the contrary, SBF claimed that he had nothing against him since futures contracts concerning him were already available on FTX. He even confided that the platform plans to list him within the next three months.

Source: Lucid’s Twitter account

Thus, it would be logistical issues that prevented the exchange from listing the Cardano coin. The current lack of validators would be one of the reasons.

Source: Lucid’s Twitter account

It didn’t take much for ADA holders to regain confidence in their favorite asset. While the latter was struggling to regain an uptrend, this news gave a boost to its course. A phenomenon that has reached its peak with the rise of which most cryptocurrencies benefit since yesterday following the closing up on Wall Street.

The listing is already the subject of speculation

Despite the announcement of this long-awaited event by the Cardano community, the listing is far from unanimous. In a discussion with its founder Charles Hoskinson, crypto-influencer Ben Armstrong expressed his doubts about the consequences that FTX’s involvement could have on the token. According to him, the exchange platform could liquidate all ADAs held by Voyager Digital once its acquisition made and therefore cause its course to collapse. A fear that Hoskinson is far from sharing.

Source: Ben Armstrong’s Twitter account

The founder of Cardano nevertheless indicated that a liquidation could indeed be possible but that it would not happen without FTX suffering the wrath of the entrepreneur as well as that of his community. A rivalry could therefore open up if Sam Bankman-Fried decides to make money with the assets of the bankrupt company.


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Cardano: ADA Soars After FTX Listing Announcement – BeinCrypto

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