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Engineer specializing in blockchain, Michiel Bellen firmly believes in Charles Hotkinson’s blockchain project. In an interview, he explained to us why Cardano has the potential to overthrow the supremacy of Ethereum one day.

I got into blockchain in 2017. I was in Ghent to meet a client. He was a very enthusiastic person, who spoke a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I said to myself: maybe I should be interested in it too? I came home and started learning. I learned about Bitcoin, Ethereum…and in October I first heard about Cardano. It was in a video by Charloes Hotkinson, the founder of the project” explains Michiel Bellen. “That night, I watched the video four or five times in a row.

Based in Saint-Trond, Michiel Bellen is today the only project engineer from Belgium. He joined the adventure along the way and absolutely does not regret it.

Cardano is in my opinion in every way superior to the Ethereum blockchain” assures the young engineer. “It is a project that is based on a proof-of-stake model” – by nature less energy-intensive and costly than a blockchain based on a proof-of-work model, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example. Unlike other projects that use the “proof-of-stake” model, however, Cardano has the particularity of being extremely secure. “It is totally decentralized with more than 3,000 validators around the world. Anyone can take part in the process, create their own pool, which will strengthen the network, and be rewarded with ADA tokens. Unlike other projects of the same type, the tokens are not “blocked”. “They remain in your control.

The project also attracts many enthusiasts. “It’s something that I really like. Many “stakers” donate the income generated by their cash to charities, to fight against deforestation for example” explains Michiel Bellen. De facto, since its creation, the project has had the reputation of being a blockchain of philanthropists. Cardano has also opted for a very transparent approach. Each update is detailed, the community can vote on future additions and its creator spends a lot of time informing users about the project.

The Cardano blockchain is much faster, greener and cheaper to operate than competing blockchain projects. “It is not a clone of the Ethereum blockchain, unlike many other projects. We really started from scratch and reimagined everything. In that sense, I think the project is superior to any other blockchain project. Those who claim to be faster are more centralized.

In terms of programming, Cardano is years ahead of its competitors. It is a much safer environment and is above all scalable” assures the engineer.

The project has however been widely criticized for its slowness. In 2021, the foundation launched Smart Contracts on its network, a technology that allows players to come and graft software onto the blockchain. Michiel Bellen recognizes it: the launch was complicated. “There is always a learning curve.“However, projects are emerging on the platform. “Every day, we improve the network. We have been updating continuously since January. And the demand is very strong. Smart Contracts are experiencing strong growth on the network. With the next update, everything will go much faster.” For Michiel Bellen, the project is certainly progressing slowly, but the “step by step” approach makes it possible to continually adapt the direction of the project. “In the long term, Cardano may well overtake Ethereum. Everyone talks about Ethereum 2.0, the move from Proof-of-work to Proof-of-stake, but it’s not that easy. It’s like wanting to replace four tires while driving at 200km/h. The Ethereum network has many problems. From my point of view, it should have remained on its initial model.

For the engineer, few solutions are viable. There are, however, a few competitors that could also become major contenders. “Polkadot is a very decent competitor, so is the Avalanche blockchain. Solana has potential, but has encountered many problems related to the lack of security of its network. Binance is, conversely, hypercentralized. In the end, what will count is the interoperability of these networks. You don’t want to be limited to just one ecosystem. This is an approach that does not work. It is therefore necessary to define standards.”

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“Cardano could overtake Ethereum one day”: exclusive interview with one of the project engineers – Geeko

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