Charles Hoskinson (Cardano): funds from venture capital firms will arrive in the ecosystem by 2024

Charles Hoskinsonco-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and co-founder of Cardano (ADA), said venture capital (VC) funds will “organically” flow in when Cardano decentralized applications (dapps) start registering multi-million dollar valuations.

Charles Hoskinson. Source: video capture, Messari / YouTube

During Mainnet 2022 in New York, USA, in an interview hosted by Ryan Selkisco-founder and CEO of MessariHoskinson simply said that “if you build, they will come”.

He has declared that venture capitalists will be interested in Cardano, because greed is their primary driver and it is their fiduciary duty to their limited partners (i.e. investors, whether they are companies or individuals, who provide the capital).

“So they will get involved there when you see multiple Cardano dapps starting to reach multi-billion dollar capitalization. Because there is an opportunity they can invest in, there is something they can connect to. It will probably happen around 2023, 2024.”

The CEO noted that Cardano has its own VC in the ecosystem, Catalyst — which has $500 million in ADA and issues about $60-70 million a year, he said.

When asked if he thinks VCs are currently neglecting the Cardano ecosystem, Hoskinson replied that “some do, some don’t,” but it depends on location and type of business.

However, according to Hoskinson, one of the main reasons why some are not interested in it is because,

“Because we didn’t have Ponzi-type business models for them. Let’s be honest. The vast majority of venture capitalists […] approach the issue from a liquidity perspective.”

What VCs are after, he claimed, are quick, short-term profits, which could be achieved through an inequitable distribution of tokens, with early investors then dumping the tokens to retail holders who eventually lose a lot of money in the inevitable price crash.

The CEO of Cardano claimed that while the distribution to people internal to some Layer 1 projects was over 50%, in the case of Cardano the token distribution was fair, “insiders weren’t getting tokens for sale.”

Therefore, according to the CEO, the big problem in the industry is “weird and external evaluations”: in the case of some companies, “because you like the founders, [elles] can get a billion-dollar valuation,” though they’re worth much less.

This situation is not healthy, he said, it invites regulation and is ultimately unsustainable. “It will not last”. Hoskinson concluded that,

“The only ecosystems that are going to survive are those that value hard work, those that take the time to build things, build communities, and provide real value.”

Among these projects, he cited Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As reported, Cardano has successfully completed the rollout of its Vasil hard fork, which is intended to bring more functionality, scalability, and speed to the network.

The 8th cryptocurrency by market cap, ADA, is currently trading at $0.436. It is up 2.2% in one day and down 1.3% in one week.

You can watch Hoskinson’s full interview here:

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Charles Hoskinson (Cardano): funds from venture capital firms will arrive in the ecosystem by 2024

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