Crypto derivatives trading: Go to Bitget!

Are you looking for a reliable platform to trade crypto derivatives? An exchange created in 2018 already has more than 2 million users and prestigious partnerships. Discover the Bitget platform.

​What is the Bitget platform?

Bitget is a platform specializing in the trading of crypto derivatives. The exchange has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2018. Over the past 12 months, the platform has nearly doubled its number of users worldwide!

“We are delighted to have been able to achieve this growth in the space of 12 months. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated support of the Bitget family. We look forward to introducing more dynamic investment options to our users and continuing to grow our community around the world. This is a major moment in the crypto sphere and we look forward to continuing to contribute to this sector in the years to come. »Sandra Lou, CEO of Bitget

According to the ranking established by the famous site CoinMarketCap, Bitget is the 5th global cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform depending on the trading volume.

​Bitget in a few figures

  • Volume over the last 24 hours: $7,731,000
  • Over 2,000,000 users
  • 13 languages ​​(including French)

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Crypto derivatives trading Go to Bitget

​Prestigious partnerships

The qualities of the Bitget platform have not failed to attract high-level partners. Bitget is proud to count the Juventusfamous Italian football club, among its partners of choice since October 2021. For the first time in the history of the club, Juventus players will wear the name Bitget on the sleeve of their shirt.

bitget official partner of Juventus

In addition, Bitget was also one of the official partners of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. It is a tournament organized in Sweden by the PGL, the Electronic Sports World League.

​What products does Bitget offer?

Let’s now discover an overview of the products offered by the Bitget platform.

​Unified Futures Contracts

Bitget’s Futures trading products are perpetual futures contracts. They are therefore futures contracts with no expiry date: you can hold them and close them whenever you want. It is a derivative tool very commonly used by traders who want to use leverage.

I’leverage allows you to stake much more than the funds you actually have in your wallet. For example, on the BTC/USDT trading pair, Bitget offers you up to 125x leverage. This means that you can open a position worth 125 times more than what you actually own. Be careful, if the leverage effect can multiply your earningshe can too blow your losses. So be sure to train yourself well before using these ultra-powerful products. Be reasonable and don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Bitget offers you the possibility to place orders:

  • At the market : these orders are executed immediately at the best available market price. This is the simplest type of order. To place the order, you only need to indicate the amount of your position and the desired leverage.
  • At limited price : you must use this type of order if you want to buy (or sell) at a price different from the current market. The order is then placed in the order book, and it is executed only when the defined price is reached. To better control your transaction, it is advisable to use safeguards with the Stop Loss or Take Profit functions.

​Copy trading

Copy trading is particularly interesting for people who are new to cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, this feature allows you toautomatically imitate the trades of more experienced traders.

1649045564 607 Crypto derivatives trading Go to Bitget

Bitget allows you toanalyze performance and profitability other traders. On the copy trading dashboard, you can view the list of traders along with their data, such as:

  • The risk profile;
  • Assets under management;
  • The return on investment;
  • etc

You can thus choose which trader corresponds the most to your expectations and imitate his trading strategy. Note that traders can be followed by a limited number of people. You must therefore make your choice among those which are still available, that is to say which do not display the mention “Complete”.

​The launch pad

The launchpad is a Bitget service that allows users toinvest in promising projects as soon as possible. The Bitget platform makes a scrupulous selection of high-potential projects. Exchange users can then buy the tokens of these projects in the early stages of development. The purchase of tokens is done from the platform token, the Bitget Token (BGB).

Bitget Launchpad

As of this writing, three projects have just completed their token sale:

  • Bot Planet (BOT);
  • Zebec Portocol (ZBC);
  • Karmaverse (KNOT).

For project leadersthe Bitget launchpad is a great opportunity to benefit from Bitget’s support, resources and visibility. For usersthis is an opportunity to be one of the first investors in a project and to buy tokens at discounted prices.

​Trading fees on Bitget

Bitget has the advantage of offering very low fees. Here are the prices charged by the platform:

  • Spot transaction rate: 0.10% Maker / 0.10% Taker. Note that the fees are reduced by 20% if you pay in BGB.
  • Unified futures contracts: 0.02% Maker / 0.06% Taker.
  • Withdrawal fees: depending on the crypto-assets. To see the fee schedule on the site.

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Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and only invest the money you can afford to lose.

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Crypto derivatives trading: Go to Bitget!

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