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Sep 11, 2022 – 09:00

Here is a new edition of the news digest of the site for week 03 to 09 September 2022. A weekly publication that offers you an overview of the main highlights of the cryptocurrency and blockchain universe over the last 7 days.

This with 5 essential items that allow you to keep abreast of important innovations and advances in the field. But also to stay up to date with interesting investments and the best possible opportunities within this ecosystem.

And at the end of this selection, a complete technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emblematic with regard to the news of the week.

A good way to keep an eye on the cryptosphere while enjoying the weekend.

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Bitcoin (almost) unfazed by ECB rate hike

The European Central Bank announced on Thursday an increase in its interest rates of 75 basis points. This increase follows the more moderate one in July (0.5 points) and is intended to combat inflation which continues to rise, the institution now expecting to see it climb to 8.1% in 2022, from 6.8% in June. The market for cryptocurrencies took the news rather well, experiencing only a negligible sale, without comparison with that triggered by the declaration of the Federal Reserve end of August.

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Ponzi – Fake “good idea” raises over $100,000 in hours

Ponzi - A Fake "good idea" raises $100,000 in a few hours

That’s a fact, scams and other phishing operations abound in the cryptocurrency industry. And the many affected victims end up losing significant sums, whether digital funds or NFT’s. A real disaster in terms of credibility and adoption of this digital economy. But a plague whose main origin remains these too gullible investors or attracted by the lure of gain that even cryptocurrencies cannot provide. And this is not the test conducted by FatManTerra who will say the opposite.

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Russia – Imminent legalization of cross-border payments in cryptocurrencies

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The current geopolitical situation raises the question of the place of cryptocurrencies on the international monetary chessboard. Particularly in relation to the war initiated in Ukraine over there Russia. But also – or especially – following the sanctions put in place to penalize this economic power. A change in the global dynamic that forces us to rethink many logics that were obvious until now. Reason why the central bank of Russia returns to the subject of cryptocurrencies as a means of cross-border payment.

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Terra Classic (LUNC) – How to explain its increase of +440%?

Terra Classic (LUNC) - How to explain the 440% increase over the last 30 days?

The cryptocurrency market does not always work as originally intended. And certain surprises can come – at least for a time – upset the certainties accepted at the community level. But this kind of situation should not ignore too arrogantly the warnings issued. A fact demonstrated by the LUNC cryptocurrencyplanted like a tombstone on the still warm corpse of the moribund version of the Terra Classic ecosystem. Because the latter explodes, against all expectations, from more than 440% over the last 30 days. But why?

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South Korea – Renault enters the metaverse with The Sandbox

the sandbox renault

The automotive industry also finds applications in the web3. the French flagship car manufacturer Renault announces a long-term partnership with The Sandbox. Although this agreement concerns – for the moment – ​​only Korea Motors which is none other than the company’s South Korean subsidiary, this is great news for Renault which thus invites itself into the digital world. The objective is to deliver digital automotive experiences in the metaverse as well as to offer new ways for customers to discover this sector (especially Renault).

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Ethereum Analysis – Worth Buying Some Before The Merge?

Ethereum Analysis - Interesting to buy some before The Merge?

This analysis will address the central question that everyone is asking about Ethereum. Is it a good strategy to buy before engaging in The Merge stage ? The latter should take place in about ten days. And that whether it is take advantage of the distribution of an ETHPow token linked to a possible fork of its blockchain. Or ofa possible rise in the cryptocurrency ETH following this historic event. Response elements…

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