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Tamadoge is undoubtedly one of the most sensational projects in this year 2022. This crypto play-to-earn gained popularity during its presale carried out in a spectacular way in a few weeks. After a successful introduction, this sem Tamadoge cryptocurrency is available

Tamadoge is undoubtedly one of the most sensational projects in 2022. The spectacular progress of its presale and its recent listing on OKX have helped to shed light on this crypto-currency. After a successful introduction, this project is eagerly awaited in the months and years to come. In view of its potential, Tamadoge is certainly the project not to be missed in 2022.

Tamadoge: what you need to know

Tamadoge is a Play-to-earn cryptocurrency that offers users to earn tokens by participating in battles. Its ecosystem simultaneously combines P2E gaming, the metaverse and NFTs. In this ecosystem, users can have virtual pets that he takes care of.

They raise, feed and improve them so that they can take part in fights with other users. Animals in this environment are called Tamadoge Pets. Each fight gives players the opportunity to earn points and appear in the monthly ranking of the game. The best ranked at the end of the month receive points as a reward.

Tamadoge is based on the Ethereum blockchain and its native token is TAMA. It is a coin meme but unlike its siblings like DOGE or SHIBA, it has several uses. All purchases made in the in-game store are made with the TAMA.

So to feed your animals, improve their skills or simply to buy new Tamadoge Pets, you will have to use the TAMA. It is also thanks to this currency that you will have access to the Tamaverse, the metaverse version of the game.

TAMA, a high-potential crypto for less than one euro

It is no coincidence that Tamadoge has gained such popularity in such a short time. The crypto is promised a great future thanks to its upside potential.

Its current value is €0.022 after its recent listing on the OKX exchange. The token has a supply limit of 2 billion in total. 50% of this offer, or 1 billion, was distributed during the presale which ended this summer.

In the other half of tokens, a part will be reserved for listing on the stock exchange, i.e. 400 million. The remaining tokens will be released to the market gradually over ten years. Despite this already limited supply, the development team planned to further reduce the number of coins in circulation.

Indeed, as a deflationary token, Tamadoge will see part of its tokens burned, i.e. 5%. It will be deducted from transactions on purchases made in the project’s online store. Through this mechanism, the project team intends to create scarcity that will help increase the value of the token.

A successful pre-sale in a hostile environment

The Tamadoge ICO took place in a sensitive period. Indeed, when the sale of the token starts, the cryptocurrency market experiences a sharp decline. Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum lost more than half of their value during this bear market.

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Contrary to what one might have thought, Tamadoge will manage to quickly complete the sale of 1 billion tokens as planned. To achieve this, the team behind the project has implemented a specific strategy.

The presale was structured in several phases and the value of the coin increased each time one passed from one phase to another. Investors who bought tokens in the first phase did so at the rate of 1,000 tokens for $10.

At the last phase, the token was worth $0.03. It is also the initial price kept when it was launched on the first exchange in terms of transactions, OKX. In the end, the crypto raised $19 million during this ICO in just eight weeks.

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The strategy put in place was designed to reward early investors who believed in the project from the start. They made profits right from the pre-sale phase.

Tamadoge is a high potential opportunity

The resistance displayed by Tamadoge during the bear market which raged during its pre-sale is a first sign that the cryptocurrency is in possession of the weapons to dominate the P2E gaming market. After this victory, the project continues its roadmap which announces many developments to come.

The value of Tamadoge is set to increase over the coming months and years. After its first listing on OKX on September 18, the cryptocurrency will continue its listing on the main CEXs. Thus, it will be accessible to most investors.

Then, the project plans several improvements to its ecosystem that will help increase its value. In 2023, the Tamaverse should make its arrival. The metaverse of the game will bring several new partnerships and open the doors to other exchanges.

In addition, there are giveaways for holders and the launch of Tamadoge’s augmented reality application. These developments will allow players to connect to the metaverse and trade virtual pets using TAMA tokens.

Suffice to say that the trading volume and demand for coins will increase significantly, which will have a direct impact on its value. Some experts predict that in the coming years, TAMA could achieve a gain of 100x its current price.

Tamadoge’s potential is so huge that some are already comparing it to Axie Infinity, the P2E game that dominated the market for a very long time.

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Did you miss the pre-sale of the best crypto play-to-earn? You can still buy some at a reduced price

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