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Do Kwon continues to rock the crypto sphere. As investigations into the Terra blockchain continue, a new scandal tarnishes the entrepreneur’s reputation.

Not so fair vote

Between the discovery of the millions of dollars he would have withdrawn before the fall of Terra or his new passion for the creation of a new Tinder, Do Kwon continues to annoy the crypto sphere. It was without counting on the appearance of a new annoying element within the TerraForm labs team.

FatMan, a member of the Terra design team, continues to update the public on Do Kwon’s progress, while keeping an extremely critical eye on Do Kwon’s actions. A great supporter of information leaks, FatMan continues in his momentum and comes back with an observation that does not surprise many people: the creator of the USTerra would have manipulated the votes of the proposal for a second version of the token.

While the proposal was undeniably refused by its community, a crypto wallet with 5% voting power mysteriously appeared. This offered Do Kwon the possibility of launching a Terra 2.0. However, according to FatMan, the wallet actually belongs to the entrepreneur himself!

Source: account Twitter by FatMan

After this discovery, FatMan attempted to confront Do Kwon who, as demonstrated in the screenshot, refused to answer. The investigation should therefore continue on the side of the Terra community until the appearance of new, upsetting information.

Do Kwon, the bad loser of the crypto sphere?

If the behavior of the South Korean entrepreneur is not surprising given his latest escapades, he still has reason to worry the industry. The mystery remains: is Do Kwon really a crypto enthusiast or just another scammer who wants to get away with his investors’ money?

Now referred to as “king of fools”, Do Kwon has been keeping a low profile since the release of his new digital currency despite the numerous accusations against him. He nevertheless returned one last time to the front of the stage to explain himself.

This should be obvious, but the claim that I banked $2.7 billion worth of anything is categorically false. […] For the past two years the only thing I’ve earned is a nominal salary with the TFL, and I’ve deferred taking most of my founder’s tokens because I didn’t need them and I didn’t want to have too many.
I hope that’s clear – I didn’t say much because I don’t want to sound like I’m the victim, but I also lost most of what I had in the crash. I’ve said it many times, but I really don’t care much about money.

Excerpt from a Twitter post by Do Kwon disputing the latest accusations against him

Source: account Twitter by Do Kwon

Either way, the tide could quickly turn for Terra’s creator as he continues to wrestle with the law. Now ordered to show off, the entrepreneur’s appeal was refused by the SEC. So the crypto sphere might hear about Do Kwon’s business for a long time.


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Do Kwon is accused of manipulating Terra community votes – BeinCrypto

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