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Ed Sheeran is one of the first to experiment with blockchain tickets. If the announcement had been made last fall, we know more about this new ticketing system.

A new app for blockchain tickets

Since the incident at the Stade de France, securing event tickets has become essential in the country. But while the government is still thinking about the issue, singer Ed Sheeran puts his foot in the dish.

Indeed, it was announced last fall that the tickets for his next concert at the Stade de France will use the blockchain. Thanks to SecuTix technology, each QR code generated will be encrypted and traceable.

The story does not end there. We now know more about the real use of these notes. It is first of all clear that the spectators will have to get their hands dirty, since a smartphone will be compulsory to attend the event. Indeed, each person who has acquired a blockchain ticket will have to present himself with his personal phone. All you have to do is present your ticket hosted on the SecuTix application, downloaded beforehand.

Source: SecuTix Twitter account

In order to avoid any fraud, the tickets will be sent to the spectators at the last moment. They will then have to manually activate them on the application. Concert tickets hosted by SecuTix cannot be falsified or resold between individuals.

Screenshots are also not possible, in order to avoid fraud and the creation of fake tickets. It will nevertheless be possible to exchange your ticket or transfer it to a loved one by entering their email address. However, if the tickets can pass from hand to hand, they can in no case be resold outside the platform dedicated to this purpose.

Beware of oversights, however, and according to information communicated to the Parisian, the smartphone is absolutely mandatory to attend the concert. Indeed, for Secutix, a smartphone is associated with a single ticket. Impossible, therefore, to host the ticket of relatives who have forgotten their phone, unless they are minors.

It will be impossible to enter without this app. You will have to come with a phone on to be able to present your tickets. Don’t forget to charge the battery before the concert!

Extract from the information communicated by the producer of Ed Sheeran to the newspaper Le Parisien

These tickets are starting to catch on in the crypto sphere

The experimentation during the Ed Sheeran concert will undoubtedly be decisive for the future. Indeed, if the technology proves effective, crypto could find a new lease of life. Within the crypto sphere, some seem to believe it. Several different blockchains, such as Avalanche, already offer secure ticket creation and storage.

On the NFT side, things are also changing. These small images subject to speculation could soon be used on a large scale and could then become tickets in turn, although their image can always be falsified. Anyway, according to the Internet Journalnon-fungible tokens are already used to authenticate a document or pass on an inheritance.

While the crypto has long been criticized for being “useless” and failing to find a concrete day-to-day use, it looks like the tide is turning. The industry therefore continues to evolve despite the winter that has been overwhelming it for more than a month.


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Ed Sheeran concert: news about how blockchain tickets work – BeinCrypto

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