eFIN token definition: what is it?

In order to allow transactions between the different operators of the blockchain, eFIN tokens occupy a significant place within the different activities.

You must, in fact, be aware that the world of different electronic currencies has many specific names that are frequently used wrongly and through.

As a result, tokens are defined as digital-type assets, but also crypto-currencies.

So, what can be the meaning of the eFIN token? And what are the main elements of tokens?

Above all, from the creation of the crypto-currency, the tokens present themselves in the same way. Since 2008, an eFIN token therefore corresponds to an electronic token that can be used for exchange and issuance via the online platform of a Blockchain.

This operation takes place without any presence of an intermediary or a duplicate. Note that this Token also does not require authorization from a bank or authorization from the State in order to be able to transfer funds, unlike other kinds of more traditional currencies.

Thus, this token can have three forms of collateral, namely:

  • a power in a network;
  • a right ;
  • a value.

Of course, it should be noted that any operator has the possibility of setting up an eFIN token, by providing it the specificities of different applications. Among the specifics to know, we mention the right of ownership and uses, as well as the payment method.

You should know that this individualization will have to be done as soon as the constitution of your token is launched and that this will also be carried out via a smart contract. Because of this, token holders will react to each other.

However, a token also has all the advantages of a virtual currency. It is about the security, as well as the preservation of the transactions carried out within a blockchain or even, the speed of the exchange carried out in a quite remarkable time.

What do the various eFIN tokens that exist represent?

You are probably familiar with the eFIN token or token which is, in addition, a certain category of crypto-currencies present in the virtual world and which gives beneficiaries the opportunity to make acquisitions or to consult a particular product within the framework of a game sales platform. Therefore, we distinguish three different types of tokens which are listed below:

Utility tokens

This first category of tokens will give the possibility of obtaining a service or a product. The value of these varies according to the nature of the selected product.

Security tokens

These Tokens are considered as real tokens that can be assimilated to the values ​​of a company. They are, in this case, at the stage of development according to the model applicable on the financial markets. As a result, they can only be enjoyed on an electronic money exchange.

Valuation tokens

They are accessible in the context of a new coin offering (ICO). They can easily be compared to certain forms of financial resources, such as shares.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know the fact that value tokens do not have offers which will allow the various actors to have a guarantee when they are employed within the framework of the finality of a company, but also in the various decision-makings as regards strategy.

As a result, these tokens remain devalued when the company’s goal is not achieved.

Now you know for sure how to define an eFIN, as well as its different types.

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eFIN token definition: what is it?

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