Elrond Cryptocurrency (EGLD): Introducing the BHero Launchpad

Bhero Launchpad is a platform from the BH Network project that allows you to launch new projects on the Elrond blockchain. This improves and increases the bandwidth of the Elrond environment. The goal of this project is to enable the quick and efficient realization of the best project ideas on the Elrond network.

Announcing the launch of the new Bhero ramp

Bhero, a complete launchpad for the Elrond network

Bhero is a launchpad that aims to provide access to the best projects on the Elrond network. Thus, to connect or interact with these new projects, users must go through Maiar, Ledger or Elrond Web Wallet. Bhero’s goal is to increase the realization of new ideas through the network. Moreover, with Web3, this platform constitutes an asset for the ecosystem of Elrond.

Bhero Launchpad is particularly aimed at start-ups and NFT projects. It makes it possible to legalize and secure the various transactions to be carried out on the network. Thus, this launchpad is aimed at companies wishing to integrate their cryptocurrency project on the Elrond blockchain, by following the legal procedures.

Bhero Launchpad is the first product of BH Network. It uses BHAT tokens for launching projects. It will also be the currency of exchange for the various events. At the same time, the motto EGLD is also valid for the first event organized by BH Network. Incentive programs are in place to encourage token staking.

How Bhero works

Bhero will enable NFT projects to comply with the standards set by the Elrond project. The cheking process d’Anchain as well as the integration of the KYC (Know Your Customer) system of Synaps reinforce the legitimacy of the projects.

BH Network will hold a first event with Bhero for a public sale. As BHAT tokens are not yet valid for all, the currency used for this launch will be EGLD. Participants can therefore register openly, going through KYC verification processes. Once their registration is validated, they can start buying using the ELGD cryptocurrency.

For the next launches, it is possible to do staking, whether for Elrond or the ELGD token, or the BHAT tokens. The allocations for each user depend on the level of participation of each. The registration process for future sales projects still goes through the same verification procedures.


The Maiar Launchpad has been a great success. This is what sparked interest in the launch of Bhero Launchpad. Emphasizing its efforts on speed, compliance and security, this platform allows NFT projects to better develop on the Elrond network. It is just to be hoped that the projects developed on the platform arouse the curiosity of users for the first project and the upcoming launches.

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Elrond Cryptocurrency (EGLD): Introducing the BHero Launchpad

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