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The Merge is fast approaching, driven by the enthusiasm of the entire industry. As the wait intensifies, criminals take advantage of the situation.

A big prolific event for scams

The Ethereum merge is fast approaching. With the update slated for tomorrow, with operations possibly starting as soon as tonight, tension is running high in the crypto sector. The success of The Merge is being watched closely, and ETH holders are waiting to see if the event will have the merit of driving the token’s prices higher. A phenomenon on which criminals have been surfing since the beginning of the week.

Indeed, new crypto scams are popping up as the merger approaches and intensify as the event draws closer. The technique of the scammers is simple: post several fake Ethereum airdrop ads. Enough to attract many profit-loving users who hope that the merger will grow their crypto portfolio. Interested Internet users are then invited to give access to their wallet in order to be paid a few tokens. These items are then used by criminals to rob their victims.

Several staking pool announcements have also been reported. Here again, Internet users are asked to collectivize their tokens in order to obtain great returns. According to the publications, it would nevertheless be necessary to deposit several tens of ETH to join the pool. A substantial sum which the scammers seize before disappearing.

In order to give more credibility to their publications, criminals use and abuse fake accounts bearing the image of crypto bigwigs. Changpeng Zhao had already complains of bots usurping his identity and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum would also pay the price. It is therefore recommended to act with caution on social networks and not to respond to fraudulent publications.

Source: JoelDerPro Twitter account

Meanwhile, Ethereum remains in status quo

As ETH holders rub their hands at the prospect of a big price rebound, there is no indication yet that the curves will return to an upward trend. After another announcement of US inflation, Ethereum suffered a steep drop, like other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile Vitalik Buterin’s chip has stabilized but is still struggling to rise.

Source: daily ETH price according to CoinMarketCap

The next few days will therefore be able to confirm or not the predictions of the experts. The announcement of the use of the Ethereum blockchain by the Central Bank of Norway could give more credibility to the blockchain and the ETH token with institutions and further improve the reputation of the token.


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Ethereum: Ethereum scams surge as The Merge approaches – BeinCrypto

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