Fake Amazon (AMZ) Token Presale Scam

No, there is no token presale Amazon ongoing, nor any Amazon cryptocurrency in the works – an old crypto scam dating back to 2021 is resurging the cryptosphere and is all the rage online. Do not get fooled.

Source – Avast

Fake Amazon Token Presale

Last December, Avast antivirus published an article on its blog titled “Beware of a New Amazon Token Crypto Scam“.

The article contained screenshots of fake Amazon crypto advertisements that appear to have been picked up by CNBC, The Guardian, Yahoo, etc. but which are actually cloned domains set up by scammers. Robots then take care of developing engagement around the project on social networks using fake comments, likes, shares, etc.

Often when this type of crypto scam appears on social media platforms including Twittercomments are also locked, which prevents real users from warning others by writing that this is a scam.

Did Amazon create a true crypto-asset?

The idea that “Amazon was buying Bitcoin” or had invested in cryptocurrencies in some form had started circulating as early as bull run of 2017, which had led people to invest in crypto positions under the impetus of FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Then came the rumor that the retail giant might even launch an Amazon token. This rumor had developed around a job offer but never materialized.

Amazon expressed interest in crypto and NFTs, and hired a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead“, but never launched his own token and never indicated that he would.

As YouTubers pointed out this week, the AMZ token, also known by similar names “AMZTRX” or “AMZD2X”, is a crypto project using the name Amazon which is completely bogus.

Based on Ahrefs keyword data, the term “Amazon token presale” was searched on Google 2,000 times a month, and the term “Amazon crypto” twice as many. Avast estimates that this scam earned its perpetrators $100,000 or more late last year.

Avoiding Cryptocurrency Presales Scams

Always do your own research on new crypto projects and token presales, getting a second opinion in places like Redditindependent YouTube channels and well-known crypto traders on Twitter.

Crypto scams often use broken English, fake websites, and pose as real crypto influencers or existing projects.

Never click on links sent to you unsolicited, and never communicate one-on-one via DM (Direct message) – crypto group admins Telegramfor example, will never send you a direct message asking you to “validate your wallet” or give them your seed phrase.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We have examined several legit crypto presales on this site, verified by third-party audit sites such as Solid Proof and CoinSniper.

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Fake Amazon (AMZ) Token Presale Scam

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