How to earn cryptocurrencies on Binance without having to trade?

The cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly, and cryptocurrency investing is no longer just about buying and holding. Although holding remains one of the safest and best investment strategies for the past decade, since bitcoin’s existence, there have been so many possibilities for holding than just holding.

Binance Earn can be called a cryptocurrency commodity wallet which has been designed to provide you with passive income for your idle asset. With Binance Earn, you can start staking, saving, and becoming a liquidity provider in the DeFi market to earn passive income on stablecoins, altcoins, bitcoin, and more. And only on Binance are fiat currencies supported to maximize return opportunities.

On Binance, there are endless opportunities to grow asset holdings, even if you are not involved in trading. Here we will see how this can be done. Currently, there are several ways to buy cryptocurrencies on Binance. While many people focus on how trading is done, there are plenty of ways to find good deals for the crypto you own. And these offers don’t stop at purchase.

There is a wide range of options to grow the cryptocurrencies that we hold, even if we do not make transactions. Thanks to Binance, you will have a higher power to allocate the tokens to different services and activities that we constantly launch on the platforms.

The Best Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency on Binance Without Trading

We have here for you a list of the best ways to ensure that you are making money on the platform without needing to trade. Let’s get started without further ado!

Get a new token by holding BUSD, BNB or another crypto on Binance Launchpool

A few months ago, the Binance Launchpool was introduced. This is a way to earn cryptocurrency tokens through newly launched projects that simply require BNB to be deposited into the liquidity pool. You will also earn free crypto on Binance by farming some of the BNB or other crypto on Launchpool. If you ask, we’ll be more than happy to chat with you about a full guide on that too!

Increasing Stablecoins with Binance Liquid Swap

Another product for the liquidity pool that has also launched on Binance is the Liquid Swap. It is an AMM (Automated Market Maker) pool product. It is one of the unique products with the centralized exchange. It also hosts various liquidity pools that allow users to trade crypto-assets and there is minimal spillage and earning a share of the interest that is generated by joining this liquidity pool.

Stake Token to gain benefits through Binance Staking

Since, the year 2019, the platform has supported a Proof-of-stake mechanism with multiple cryptocurrencies on the platform. Simply put, staking tokens on Binance will automatically provide you with the benefits you get from earning crypto through staking programs.

Through Locked Staking on Binance, you will be able to earn additional tokens from the 25 cryptocurrencies that are currently supported and there are no strings attached. You could call it finding a way to buy free coins on Binance, without actually buying and using the crypto you already own.

Subscribe Tokens on Locked Staking on Binance for Higher Returns

You also have the choice to explore locked staking on Binance and lock tokens for as short a period as 7 days to earn higher returns. There are more than five locked staking ways you can explore. This was all possible thanks to the participating projects which have annual returns of around 16% and different ways to earn without crypto.

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Participate in DeFi staking

Through decentralized finance or DeFi, you will be able to participate in your earning opportunities that have been available for tokens. For example, Binance DeFi Staking has also launched many products that offer high annual returns of around 60%. And this can be done using DAI, BNB, USDT, and BUSD.

Earn interest with savings products on Binance

With Binance Savings, one can take a look at many savings products to store crypto and also earn free coins on the platform from the yield it generates. You have the option of opting for flexible savings, where you can make deposits or repayments at any time. Then there is also the locked savings option, where you can secure the crypto for several days and then withdraw for the larger interest payments.

Store your cryptocurrencies in accounts to earn Airdrops

Currently, you can store BNB in ​​the Binance account. You will benefit from just being part of the $16 million airdrops with SXP tokens. This is exclusive for Binance BNB holders. This is a 12-week program that helps you earn an SXP token proportional to your BNB holding per week. These are the kinds of opportunities that you should constantly keep an eye on in the future as well.

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Spend using Binance Card

Binance has given a whole new meaning to your need to spend money to earn it. With the Binance Card which has just launched in countries like Europe and will be rolling out to several other regions, you will earn BNB rewards while using it to spend at many merchants around the world.

The cashback rate usually starts at one percent and the more BNB you have in your account, the higher the rate and can go up to around 7%.


So here are the top 8 ways to earn crypto without getting involved in trading. These are also highly recommended ways to earn higher assets on Binance, regardless of whether you don’t have much crypto knowledge. So be sure to start earning on the platform right now and if you don’t have an account yet, create one now!

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How to earn cryptocurrencies on Binance without having to trade?

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