IMPT raises $150,000 via presale in less than 24 hours

In recent years, the ecological question has imposed itself in all sectors of society, including that of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has indeed been met with a lot of criticism for some time because of the functioning of its blockchain. The latter uses a Proof of Work system and therefore requires a lot of energy due to the mining process.

The environmental cost of Bitcoin and other Proof of Work cryptocurrencies is now being questioned and a new generation of more environmentally friendly crypto-assets is emerging. This is particularly the case for a new project called TAX and which aims to revolutionize the way carbon credits are used and traded.

Back in detail on the characteristics of the IMPT project

IMPT is the name of a new crypto project that aims to use blockchain as a solution to carbon emissions. Using the capabilities of the Polygon blockchain, IMPT users can buy, sell or trade carbon credits in the form of NFTs.

Through its partnerships with nearly 10,000 brands, including innovation giants like Microsoft and Apple, IMPT enables its users to earn carbon credits simply by shopping.

As indicated in the white paper of the project, the IMPT tokens function as ERC-20 tokens and will be received by the users, they will then be able to exchange them for carbon credits within the exchange platform integrated into the project.

This unique feature is why IMPT is establishing itself as one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies around.

Do not hesitate to visit the official website of the IMPT project by clicking on this link.

IMPT raises $150,000 via presale in less than 24 hours

While the pre-sale of IMPT has just started, it already demonstrates the public’s enthusiasm for the project.

Statistics-wise, it is important to note that the total supply of the IMPT token is 3 billions, with 40% of the latter as part of the presale. Moreover, the price of the token during the last phase of the presale will be $0.028. This price is currently $0.018, so if you invest now you will make a theoretical profit of 55% even before IMPT was listed on exchanges.

To sum up, 600 million IMPT tokens will be sold in the first stage of the presale at a price of $0.018. Subsequently, it will be 660 million tokens which will be sold at a price of 0.023 dollars during the second stage of the presale. And finally, nearly 540 million tokens will be sold in the third and final stage of the presale at a price of $0.028.

If you want to participate in the presale of IMPT, click on this link to get to the project site.

Ecological issues are increasingly important in the world of cryptocurrencies. The move of Ethereum, currently number 2 in the crypto ecosystem by total market capitalization with a listed value of $167.55 billion, from a Proof of Work to Proof of Stake system last month is a notable event. which confirms that the environmental aspect is to be taken into account. This is why IMPT is an important project that the savvy investor should watch over the coming months.

Feel free to join the official servers Discord and Telegram of the IMPT project.

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IMPT raises $150,000 via presale in less than 24 hours

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