IMPT token: towards an explosion of this ecological crypto?

Updated on Oct. 06, 2022 at 12:24 p.m.

IMPT, The Impact Project, is a brand new project focused on using blockchain technology to create a more sustainable world and is a strong contender for this year’s ‘greenest’ crypto title. The native currency of the project, the IMPT token, has just started the first phase of its presale and has already managed to raise more than $600,000 in 3 days. Can the pre-sale exceed all expectations and the token then see its price explode?

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It looks like another big pre-sale hit is brewing this year., an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, raised over $600,000 in three days of presale.

It is possible to buy IMPT tokens on the IMPT platform. Currently, they are accessible in presale at a reduced value. However, as soon as it is finished, the exchange will probably be accessible on the platform, which will allow you to directly buy IMPT tokens.

IMPT’s inclusive strategy of encouraging retired carbon credits and allowing customers to place them on IMPT’s market can have a positive effect on the environment.

Tweet from announcing presale progress
Tweet from announcing the progress of the presale.

Currently, the first part of the presale is underway and the goal is $10.8 million. So far, the presale raised over $600,000.

The token has a reduced value of $0.018 for this first phase. The arrival of Section II will raise the price of this crypto to $0.023 – which will likely be reached quickly.

IMPT token: the crypto designated for ecology

IMPT represents a new way of using NFTs: carbon credits. Using carbon credits in this way makes them much more secure and much less easy to forge, since they are on the blockchain.

Not only are carbon credits virtually impossible to tamper with, they are always transparent: the nature of the public ledger makes misuse virtually impossible carbon credits.

To date, according to the website, more than 10,000 brands have agreed to join and work with them in the future on their mission to reduce emissions.

Examples of some of's partner brands
Examples of some of’s partner brands.

According to the official whitepaper, all member retailers will donate a portion of their gross sales through the shopping widget or cellular software.

Regarding donations, retailers determine how much they want to donate to missions defined by IMPT. The tasks that currently offers are environmental, social and authority or ESG tasks.

A project such as the IMPT is well suited to somewhat ameliorate the growing pressure the cryptocurrency industry is under to justify its energy consumption.

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One of the main motivations of IMPT users is the fact that they can get cash back on their spending.

Each time a person makes a purchase on the platform, it can choose to be part of the solution for carbon emissions high, earning IMPT tokens in return.

Those who earn IMPTs can then choose to use those tokens to acquire carbon credits in the form of NFTs.

Significant upside potential for the IMPT token?

When you buy IMPT tokens on the market and convert them into carbon credits, you can put them on the market as NFTs on the IMPT market. In a way, this can help offset the environmental impact of NFTs.

In addition, IMPT offers special incentives to burners to that they burn/recycle carbon credits allowing them to earn NFTs with recognized artists. Then, these NFTs can be positioned on any NFT market.

IMPT’s new inclusive ESG strategy will allow buyers to generate revenue while donating to prevent environmental degradation.

Advancement of the IMPT token presale on the project site
Advancement of the IMPT token presale on the project site.

IMPT laid the groundwork for a project that could become a daily reality for customers. Businesses will likely be motivated to promote their products, and customers will likely be enticed to come through the rewards offered by IMPT.

Given the enthusiasm aroused by the project and its solidity, it is possible to imagine a strong progression of the token after the end of the presale. However, history has shown that this kind of pre-sale launch is not without risk.

The future performance of the token will mainly depend on the reception of the general public, partner companies and authorities on the one hand and possible listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges on the other hand. The team’s ability to advance their project will also be one to watch, as will this token in the future.

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IMPT token: towards an explosion of this ecological crypto?

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