IOTA Cryptocurrency (MIOTA) Continues Staking Assembly (ASMB)

the staking of the IOTA cryptocurrency continues this Tuesday with a three-day pre-launch phase. Thus token holders can start their staking period. They will get rewards from April 22 for 90 days. A new version of Firefly will also be released on Tuesday. In a recent article, we presented the initial development of the strategy of staking set up by the IOTA project.

IOTA announces that the staking is operational again

The instructions of staking for IOTA cryptocurrency

To participate in the upcoming event, you will need to be in possession of version 1.5.0 of firefly. This improvement will be released on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Three days before the start of the distribution of rewards from staking. Thanks to the new version of Firefly, each user will be able to see the total number of tokens he has received during the staking of the last 90 days. The latter will also be able to participate in the next staking event and follow the current rewards.

Thus, users can start depositing their IOTA tokens from Tuesday, April 19 using the Firefly wallet. The rewards will be distributed from April 22 and for a duration of 90 days. Acquired ASMB tokens will be transferable with the launch of Assembly’s network. IOTA participants will get 0.000002 ASMB every ten seconds (or two micro ASMB) for every MIOTA deposited in staking. Each staked wallet must touch a minimum amount of 1.0 ASMB, or 1,000,000 microASMB, during this phase in order to receive the airdrop. Exclude rewards from previous distributions for this minimum.

It is possible to start the program from staking at any time after the official start of reward distribution. However, these will be reduced, given that it is a participation outside the period of the complete distribution of the tokens.

Other information to know

There is the possibility of recovering the tokens deposited in staking from the wallet at any time. For this, it will be necessary to carry out a manual operation. It is then necessary to validate a warning from Firefly warning about the withdrawal of tokens from the product of staking.

It will be necessary to earn a minimum number of token rewards per address in order to obtain the tokens at the time of the launch of the associated networks. For example for Assemblythe minimum reward is 1 ASMB for each phase of staking. Firefly is responsible for informing the user if the latter has not yet reached the minimum reward value.


After an initial period of 90 days of staking passed, with a total of 5805 198310 ASMB tokens distributed to all participants, this event marks the first distribution of 5.8% of the Assembly network’s complete token supply. A total of 20% will reward participants in the staking IOTA. This amount will be shared over a total period of 24 months.

Other activities of staking should follow, until a total period of 24 months is reached. In order to achieve the distribution of the reserved 20% of all ASMB tokens.

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IOTA Cryptocurrency (MIOTA) Continues Staking Assembly (ASMB)

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