Issuance (ICO) of a LiorS corporate cryptocurrency to accelerate financial inclusion in Africa

(EIC CORPORATION ) – EiC Corporation, launches an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) through the issuance of the LiorS Token of Governance (DAO), a multifunctional corporate crypto-asset (service, governance, unit of measure) with a view to developing these various financial education programs, but above all popularizing and promoting new 3.0 financial inclusion services. This ICO operation is in fact the result of the vast overhaul and digital transformation of the organization’s operation (DAO), carried out after 5 years of structuring.

Gathered within the framework of the Program of the Clinic Enterprise », the opening keynote was delivered by Loic Tribot Laspière, President of the Center for Studies and Strategic Prospective (CEPS). Several experts, in particular Me Stéphane Daniel, Business Lawyer at the Paris Bar, specialized in supporting Fintechs, François de Chezelles, CEO Talium Assets Expert IT & Digitalisation, Adrien Hubert, CFO Smart-Chain, Ines Guinard, CEO Invictus Strategic Council and Achille Agbe, President of EiC Corporation, under the moderating role of Goudet Abalé, Senior Consultant at 35°Nord (Avisa Partners) – Treasurer of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals, carried out various reflections (technical, legal, financial and tactical) on the challenges and implications of decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as the due diligence required for fundraising operations (ICO).

Need we remind you, this special operation of ICO is linked to the ideal of financial inclusion 3.0 of unbanked populations, but also of entrepreneurs in search of structured financing that the organization pursues, the objective is to reach 1 million beneficiaries in the next 7 years who will be supported through the various financial inclusion programs deployed, in particular:

  • The Financial Therapy Program (CFP).
  • The Finance Clinic program.
  • The Business Clinic program

The LiorS DAO crypto-asset is a digital asset based on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC 20 standard) with three main functions: (i)Service Token, (ii) Governance Token, and (iii) Startup Valuation Index

  • As a Service Token, it has a utility function within the EiC Corporation platform, allowing access to all platform services through payment of membership (Training access, elearning, workplace, crowdfunding, Therapy program Financial, Program of the Finance Clinic, Program of the Business Clinic…)
  • As a Governance Token, it offers political rights to users, such as the choice of the country leaders of the organization (election), the validation of certain strategic decisions, the governance report of the companies accompanied and the vote of the projects which will be admitted to the crowdfunding platform, primary market (iCapital Ventures) and the secondary market valuation platform (Liorcapital)
  • As a Valuation Index, it will act as a value pair listing index for companies listed on the neostock exchange (Liorcapital). It not only makes it possible to value start-ups, but also to promote the exit of investors wishing to sell their holdings (secondary market).

Backed on an ecosystem of viable companies, LiorS meets the fundamental needs of three fintechs (Liorbank, iCapital Ventures and Liorcapital) which definitely gives it a viable and credible base, unlike other crypto currencies which rely on the dynamics of a fluctuating market. EIC-Corporation is proud to be able to announce the success of its transition as a Decentralized Autonomous Institution (#DAO) thanks to the issuance of this utility token (LiorS). All management and governance rules and protocols have been embedded successfully in the smart contracts regulating the Liors/g governance utility token (DAO) whose issuance and distribution are the subject of this ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Achille AGBE, Swiss army knife of African Decentralized Finance, Founder EiC Corporation “In 14 years of existence, our association has been able to respond with foresight and pro-activity to and meet the conjectural challenges of a cashless society, with more than 20 Awards and various distinctions received from several institutions and governments #CEPS National Assembly International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) Ashoka Forbes , Government of Côte d’Ivoire APIF Côte d’Ivoire, UNESCO . This is all the merit of a bold international team from diversity (#50 Countries), made up of managers, leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, who have been able to imprint their genius on the construction of tools for inclusion. finance at the service of society and future generations. This proven model of financial inclusion has been possible thanks to the development of a comprehensive international financial education program, our commitment to the promotion of banking and private shareholding through our labeled mechanism of financial therapy (program of financial inclusion).

EIC Corporation is a decentralized investment platform (DAO) for economic education and financial inclusion, present in 50 countries. Created in 2008, EiC Corporation is committed to the development of private-public economic diplomacy, financial education and fundraising to support the development of companies with high growth potential.


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Issuance (ICO) of a LiorS corporate cryptocurrency to accelerate financial inclusion in Africa

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