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Every day, tech giants collect mountains of data that they use for good or bad. In order to loosen the grip of these behemoths of the digital universe, several crypto projects have emerged, including Jasmy Coin.

How does Jasmy Coin work? How to use it ? And how do its founders intend to protect user data? Explanations.


  • Jasmy Coin, what is it?
  • How it works ?
  • The key features of Jasmy Coin
  • What is Jasmy Crypto?
  • His roadmap
  • How to buy JasmyCoin?
  • Web3: a new era is dawning for the Internet
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jasmy Coin, what is it?

Designed in 2016 in Tokyo, Jasmy Coin was not officially launched until five years later, more precisely on October 26, 2021 on the Japanese subsidiary of BITPoint. As businesses race towards the metaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT), Jasmy focuses on data protection.

In simple terms, the platform offers a decentralized storage solution and adapted to new virtual worlds. Thus, metaverses located on the Jasmy network can access a direct gateway that allows them to exchange data. For their part, users have the possibility to manage and monetize their data.

As Web3 becomes more democratic and Internet users are more and more concerned about the security of their data, it goes without saying that Jasmy Coin has a good chance of succeeding. Especially since the project is managed by a team of experts who seem determined to propel it to the crypto star scene.

Among the project’s leading team are: Kunitake Ando, ​​the seventh president of Sony Corporation, Kazumasa Sato, former director of Sony Style and Tadashi Morita, who spent 50 years at Sony.

Note that the team also launched the Jasmy League, a decentralized community whose primary objective is to encourage innovation on the Jasmy platform.

On Jasmy’s official website, you can find:

  • A section dedicated to educational materials;
  • A rewards program for top developers;
  • A networking platform dedicated to the community.

It is also worth pointing out that the Jasmy crypto, which is an ERC-20 token, is compatible with IoT devices. Therefore, users can transfer it from one device to another.

How it works ?

As you will have understood, Jasmy Coin wants to allow people to take ownership of their data. To this end, the platform offers a whole toolbox that gives its users the possibility of storing and transferring their data.

To achieve its goals, Jasmy Coin relies on its new blockchain architecture specifically dedicated to the IoT. Its Jasmy Base module can communicate efficiently and securely with IoT devices. The network also has a wide range of applications that give customers the flexibility to manage and use their data as they wish.

Indeed, the decentralized protocol used by Jasmy has created an environment that is both democratic and efficient. Therefore, data can be collected from IoT devices, stored in “data cabinets” and protected by a robust protection system. Moreover, JasmyCoin classifies the data based on several factors like quality and quantity. To do this, the platform uses a scale that goes from “small data” to “Platinum” level data.

The key features of Jasmy Coin

The Jasmy network is primarily designed for IoT. Therefore, it is accessible to multiple types of devices including automobiles, laptops, cell phones, and biochip transponders. Indeed, Jasmy Coin encompasses several digital and mechanical componentseach with its unique identifier and its own ability to transmit data to other terminals.

Today, many organizations are using IoT data to increase the efficiency of their platforms and boost their performance. Although it improves the user experience, IoT comes at a price that is not accessible to everyone. However, on Jasmy, the probability of invasion of privacy is very low.

Indeed, Jasmy Coin’s system provides a robust, safe and user-friendly environment for using data in various types of transactions. This, according to the requirements of their owners.

Besides decentralizing transactions, Jasmy seeks to create an environment where users can turn their data into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other types of digital assets.

What is Jasmy Crypto?

Crypto Jasmy

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the JasmyCoin crypto is at the heart of the Jasmy ecosystem.

Its users can transfer tokens between devices and use them to pay for network services. Moreover, the Jasmy crypto is the only means of payment for all types of data exchanged between network members via IoT devices.

Its tokenomics

Currently, Jasmy Coin can only be used within the Jasmy ecosystem. That said, its features have caught the interest of some large organizations, which has reflected in its course. Therefore, the JASMY crypto has become a valuable asset for its holders, who can exchange it for other cryptocurrencies like USDT or USDC.

JasmyCoin is distributed as follows:

  • 48% for the ecosystem fund;
  • 27% for investors;
  • 20% for contributors and the community;
  • 5% for the rewards program.

Jasmy Coin’s maximum supply is set at 50 billion, while its circulating supply currently stands at 4.75 billion. As of this writing, the token is trading at $0.0092, while its market cap stands at $44,238,910.

Jasmy’s circulating supply is proportional to its market expansion, although the exact ratio is not specified. Indeed, the platform requires its users to have a minimum of JasmyCoin. A strategy that seems intended to increase the value of the token, but not only, because it could also accelerate the adoption of the project and make it more profitable for institutional and retail investors.

Towards the end of 2021 and into 2022, Jasmy Coin made its debut on some of the biggest crypto exchanges, including Binance, Crypto.com, Huobi, MEXC, and Bittrex.

Analysis of the Jasmy crypto distribution reveals that the first 50 holders have more than 70% of total supply. Additionally, developers Jasmy and Binance, which are the top two holders of the token, collectively own over 20.50% of the supply.

His roadmap

Second quarter 2022

  • Strategic briefing and launch on more than 50 crypto exchanges.
  • Launch of the program Platinum Data Happiness Discovery Project which covers 1,000 participants and which aims to analyze the perception of information by individuals and to interpret it as “an index of happiness”. With this project, Jasmy aims to create an artificial intelligence system that will help people determine the value of their data.

Third quarter 2022

  • Launched on over 60 crypto exchanges and signed agreements with 12 partners.
  • Collaboration with the Japanese Football Club Sagan Tosu for the launch of a fan token.
  • Development of DD Coin: a global currency that functions as a yen-backed stablecoin. It is an asset denominated in currencies for traditional assets.
  • Launch of the Happiness Program: a project led by Jasmy’s artificial intelligence and productivity department.

Fourth quarter 2022

  • Launched on more than 70 exchanges and signed agreements with 26 partners.
  • Issue of Sagan Tosu, Jasmy’s fan token.
  • Creation of the Jasmy fan token platform and launch of DD Coin.
  • Publication of a “Happiness Plan” as part of Jasmy’s Happiness Program.

How to buy JasmyCoin?

How to buy Jasmy Coin

The Jasmy crypto is currently available on most major crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance. To purchase the token, however, you need to provide your basic information, including your phone number and address. Some exchanges may also require you to follow KYC processes (KYC) more or less extensive.

Without further ado, here are the steps you need to follow to buy JasmyCoin:

Step 1 – Create an account on an exchange compatible with JasmyCoin

Go to Binance (or any other exchange of your choice) and create an account, then verify your identity.

Step 2 – Deposit funds into your account

Binance lets you buy Jasmy Coin with fiat currencies like EUR, AUD, and USD. You can also fund your account using debit/credit cards and crypto wallets.

Step 3 – Buy Jasmy Coin

For this, click on the search bar and find the JasmyCoin trading pair. Next, go to the purchase page and enter the amount of Jasmy tokens or fiat money you want to spend. Note that the exchange automatically calculates the amount you will receive based on current market prices. After verifying all the information, click on “Buy Jasmy”. And now, voila !

Web3: a new era is dawning for the Internet

Whether at work or in our personal lives, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role. In a few years, the web3, which is a decentralized version of the Internet, and blockchain and crypto technologies will undoubtedly occupy a large place in our daily lives.

JasmyCoin, like other crypto projects, could break Big Tech’s monopoly and change the way we manage our data. That said, his success will depend on his team’s ability to deliver on their promises and deal with the obstacles that stand in their way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jasmy Coin is the native token of the Jasmy network, a platform focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) whose objective is to allow anyone to access data securely.

As with other crypto assets, it is difficult to say with certainty about the profitability of Jasmy Coin. Indeed, the success of the crypto Jasmy will strongly depend on the ability of its team to deliver on its promises.

Currently, the Jasmy crypto is trading at $0.0099.

It is impossible to accurately predict the evolution of the crypto Jasmy. His growth, however, will depend on the work of his team.

The profitability of Jasmy Coin will depend on the growth of the project itself. Today, it is still too early to determine whether it is a good investment or not. That said, the project is worth watching.


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