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Since April 4, Monoprix has been marketing its first two collections of NFT (non-fungible tokens) made with pastry chef Yazid Ichemharen and designer Vincent Darré. Sold for 0.09 ETH (267 euros), these NFTs will provide access to exclusive experiences and an introduction to crypto-art. A movement that is part of the Casino Group’s digitalization strategy driven by Jean-Charles Naouri, CEO of the Casino Group.

To celebrate its 90th birthday, Monoprix is ​​marking the occasion and diving head first into Web3. By partnering with renowned designers, the Casino group brand put on sale this April 4 two exclusive collections of NFT. The goal? democratize access to digital works, and position itself as an avant-garde brand.

The first collection, “Vanille 2.0”, imagined by pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen corresponds to a “digital cake” available in 90 copies. A nod to 90 years of Monoprix. NFT buyers will have access “to an exclusive new physical experience”, according to the press release issued by the Casino group.

Produced by designer Vincent Darré, the second collection consists of five different crypto-art works (Exquisite Corpse, Still Life, Luncheon on the Lawn, Melodies and Metaphysical Perspective), each available in 18 variations. That’s a new total of 90 NFTs. There will therefore be a total of 180 NFTs marketed thanks to the 2 artists.

The acquisition of these NFTs takes place on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Each of them is sold at the price of 0.09 Ethereum (about 267 euros). This rate is once again a reminder of the anniversary of the brand of the group headed by Jean-Charles Naouri. “With an NFT, you have a certificate of authenticity. This means that you own the digital work. Thus, no matter how many copies exist, you are the sole holder of this unique copy. “says Monoprix.

The purchase of these digital works is made directly via a online site dedicated to NFTs. Customers potentially lost in the world of non-fungible tokens can find lots of educational information (FAQ, glossary, etc.), as well as a step-by-step detail of the entire purchase procedure.

“In recent months, Monoprix has undoubtedly taken the turn of e-commerce by being ever more innovative and efficient in its omnichannel and digital strategy. Today, we are setting out to conquer the blockchains with these 6 NFTs offered in limited edition. », says Ferdinand Tomarchio, Digital, Data and IT Director of Monoprix and Digital Director of the Casino Group.

Like his group, which has already made a foray into Web3 via the purchase of virtual land on The Sandbox for its Club Leader Price, the sale of digital works illustrates Monoprix’s desire to be at the on the lookout for the latest trends.

According to Maguelone Paré, Transformation and Innovation Director at the brand, “This innovation responds to the new needs of our connected urban customers, but also to those of customers curious to explore new technological territories and who wish to be accompanied by players in their daily lives to take the plunge. We are going to learn with them from this first experience in order to consider the next concretizations”.

In a recent interview with EchoesJean-Charles Naouri emphasized the transformative role of innovation in the retail sector. He asserted in particular than “the sector will experience a revolution equivalent to that experienced by non-food with e-commerce”. In fact, the Casino group continues to invest in the new offers made possible by digital technology: sale by WhatsApp, the live-shopping with Monoprix, voice sales being tested at Monoprix Plus…

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Jean-Charles Naouri: NFT & metaverse –

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