Kyle Roche, the cursed lawyer of the Ava Labs affair is back

The bonfire of vanities – What had to happen, finally happened. After weeks controversies and untimely declarationsthe lawyer Kyle Roche was finally landed from his former law firm and will fly with its own wings. Reminder of the facts and latest information to follow.

Hidden camera, alcohol and conflict of interest: Kyle Roche in turmoil

We told you about it in this end of summer 2022the star lawyer Kyle Roche was then embroiled in a dirty business of conflict of interest. So suspected of having deep ties to Ava Labs and holding AVAX tokens, he was accused of using his professional connections to grow his own finances. All against the backdrop of hidden camera and of revelations explosive.

Since then, many things were said and written and the position was delicate for the law firm of which he was one of the co-founders. This is why this week the company Rock Freedman does not exist anymore. From now on, if you need a lawyer, you will have to contact Freedman Normand Friedland LLP. Edward Normand and Amos Friedland being Freedman’s new partners.

Lawyer Kyle Roche at the heart of an imbroglio

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Ava Labs, Bitfinex, Tether cited in the dossier

The spokesperson for the new cabinet said this week of the governance change:

“We strive to continue to provide our clients with superior representation and are proud of the firm’s accomplishments to date. We wish Kyle the best in his future endeavours. »

For its part, thelawyer fallen hoped to be able to continue his activities but it seems that the future is compromised. In the cases against Bitfinex and against the issuer of USDT, a judge even spoke. He said that the words of Kyle Roche were ” particularly dumb » and that he now had too many « pans to properly defend its clients. note that Kyle Roche did not wish to react to all of these announcements.

Such is life in the cryptosphere. American justice distributes the good and the bad points. Challenged all the time, she finds herself in the position of justice of the peace. It is therefore obliged to rule on complex cases where conflicts of interest mingle with manipulation. And, the DRY is not to be outdone, it which must constitute ex nihilo a legal framework for an emerging sector with intricacies complex and sprawling.

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Kyle Roche, the cursed lawyer of the Ava Labs affair is back

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