Lucky Block set to rebound, LBLOCK at $1?

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Lucky Block had a difficult start to the month, but its price seems ready to return to an uptrend. Its price changed paradigm after the launch of the Ethereum bridge as well as the start of the monthly 1% token burn project.

In the last 7 days, the price of LBLOCK has risen by 14%. This seems to announce that Lucky Block is ready to rebound according to specialists. They also believe that this uptrend could take it up to $1.

The start of a bull run?

The Lucky Block course presents what could be identified as the start of an uptrend. When the community received the announcement of the launch of the Ethereum bridge, Lucky Block had seen its price soared by 55% in a few hours. Following the achievement of the objectives of this beginning of the month, its price recently consolidated at the support level at $0.000280 before starting a 14% increase in 7 days.

With low selling pressure, LBLOCK would have clearly announced its rise according to crypto analysts. According to experts, a bull run is preparing for the token thanks to the various developments to come in its ecosystem.

The next 1% burn of LBLOCK tokens will take place at the end of October. This step could once again positively influence the price of the token. Several investors believe that its price will experience a significant increase, as was the case a few weeks ago during the first burn.

Analysts predict that the craze in the last week of October could push the price of LBLOCK up to $0.0002268. If this happens and the token manages to maintain this price, then the following weeks could be very beneficial for investors.

Lucky Block’s next short-term price target would then be $0.00033 until $0.00035. However, it is impossible to accurately predict the future of LBLOCK.

What could support the rise in the price of Lucky Block?

Cryptocurrency analysts rely on several factors to predict a possible rise in Lucky Block. The main element is the continuation of the developments planned in the white paper. Thanks to these developments, it is now possible to convert LBLOCK V1 tokens into LBLOCK V2 tokens. They will thus move from the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to the Ethereum blockchain with fees amounting to 12% and a minimum number of tokens amounting to 28,000.

The other thing to consider is the value of LBLOCK. According to several analysts, Lucky Block is undervalued because the project still prepares several developments in the future. When implemented, token holders are going to take advantage of it to generate profits as it would be a profitable investment.

In addition, the team behind the project multiplies promotional campaigns with pots to be won. Recently, a draw organized on allows win up to $5,000. Several investors have already registered to try their luck.

Moreover, as a deflationary token, one can also imagine that the gradually reducing the supply of tokens could positively impact its price.

For all these reasons, LBLOCK presents itself as a profitable investment which could reach $1 in the more or less near future.

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Lucky Block set to rebound, LBLOCK at $1?

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