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MON participates in the crypto household by launching a first initiative to stem the many scams that taint its project.

LUNC avoids scams… and abuse

Since the prolific return of its token, the LUNC project has taken initiatives to solidify itself and regain a good reputation with other players in the industry. After the modification of its burn tax and the many proposals dedicated to other Terra pieces, the community gathered around Terra Classic sees broader and wishes to participate in the purification of the industry.

Indeed, a user recently submitted a proposal which could enable the project to guard against crypto scams. The latter is essentially based on the modification of the governance system which made the heyday of Terra and then LUNC.

Until now, each member of the community was allowed to give their opinion and vote for or against the different proposals submitted each day. However, some users could influence the votes and make their voices heard more if they were among the largest token holders. They could also push their suggestions more easily if they got their hands on the wallet. A system that LUNC users clearly want to end.

Source: Classy’s Twitter account

Through this initiative, the community hopes to stem a wave of fake offers from scammers aimed at transforming the ecosystem to allow them to collect as much money as possible. In addition, changing the system could prevent abuse and even prevent project leaders from influencing votes. An act that Do Kwon did not hesitate to do during the referendum on a possible second version of the USTerra.

For now, the proposal is still subject to the opinion of the community until next week. Nevertheless, the votes so far are favorable with more than 50% of individuals motivated to make the LUNC ecosystem fairer.

Meanwhile, LUNC is skyrocketing

In the meantime, the efforts of the LUNC community seem to be paying off again. Indeed, after the implementation of the new burn tax, the token found its way back to the top. This one gained 2% of its value in 24 hours and seems to be attracting investors again.

Source: LUNC prices according to CoinMarketCap

However, the volume of the coin is still very low and has, meanwhile, lost 10% since yesterday. This suggests that the tax continues to cool some users and that they still shun transactions. The return of the appeal of the blockchain is therefore still awaited despite the increasingly present support of the various exchange platforms.


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LUNC takes the fight against crypto scams – BeinCrypto

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