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Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the WWW that incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economy. “Web1 was read-only, Web2 is read-write, Web3 will be read-write-own.” S4022

Novaquark, the metaverse otherwise

Novaquark, the Metaverse company, is dedicated to bringing people together from around the world to bring to life worlds they have created themselves. One voxel at a time. Their unique voxel expertise and technology is incredibly innovative, appealing to a wide audience, and suitable for a wide range of projects.

Their first game Dual Universe, highlights the power of voxels. An MMORPG set in a vast, untamed galaxy, Dual Universe focuses on emergent gameplay with player-driven in-game economy, politics, commerce, and warfare. Players are empowered to unleash their wildest imaginations to create stunning buildings and contraptions, fully functional vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and awesome works of art without needing to be a professional designer. And we’re just getting started!

Novaquark has offices in Paris and Montreal.

Massa, a multithreaded blockchain

Building a blockchain from scratch is an opportunity to incorporate lessons learned from experimenting with previous blockchains.

massah is building a new cryptocurrency ecosystem designed for mass adoption. The platform uses state-of-the-art architecture Blockclick to support thousands of transactions per second, while remaining secure and fully decentralized. To understand Massa, you have to go back to Bitcoin, Current blockchains are limited, for example Bitcoin can only process 5 transactions per second. This is due to the sequential structure of the blockchain, requiring nodes to receive the previous block before creating the next, which in a decentralized p2p network takes time. Massa uses a multi-threaded block graph allowing nodes to create blocks in parallel and process 10,000 transactions per second on a fully decentralized multi-level network.

One of the most important things in a Proof-of-Stake system is coin distribution. At Massa, they make sure their system is decentralized from the start by doing a fair initial distribution. Massa targets low hardware (standard desktop) and staking requirements to lower the barrier to entry. This is a necessary condition to ensure that users can run a node on their personal computer and have a healthy and resilient network.


How to Lose $21 Million

It’s Rekt who we recount that Transit Swap due to a vulnerability allowed an unknown attacker to empty the wallets of users who had approved the protocol’s swap contracts. The team suspended the affected contracts before announcing the incident on Twitter. Although the vulnerability is in the code of the project, this attack directly targeted users via a vulnerability in the use of the transferFrom() function. All tokens approved for trading on Transit Swap could be transferred directly from users’ wallets to the address of the unknown exploiter.

The attack lasted about half an hour!

DAOs are not a means of escaping responsibility

DAOs are currently in a precarious position, like anyone who has ever voted in a decentralized autonomous organization that provides any type of financial service. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) federal civil action against Ooki DAO in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California is a significant statement by an agency that wants to show that DAOs are not a viable means of trading. escaping responsibility. This is not a done deal, the case has yet to go to court, but, if the CFTC is successful, it could have big implications for the hundreds of thousands of people who voted in the DAOs and for the DAOs themselves.


Cosmos 2.0

Cosmos is not a blockchain network, but a network of blockchains.

Unlike Ethereum where transactions are processed on rollups that eventually settle in its mainnet, or Polkadot where parachains that invest $DOT to outsource the security of its main “Relay Chain”, Cosmos design architecture IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) is more like many hubs that allow everyone to create their own applications in the independent blockchain (appchain) and thus set up their own validator security.

The main draw of building in Cosmos is a level of flexible modularity not possible on other smart contract chains. It is also much easier to build a blockchain from scratch on Cosmos IBC thanks to its available SDK and Tendermint consensus engine.


Safe launches its DAO and its token

Safe is a protocol with infrastructure tools securing around $40 billion worth of crypto. Its main product is a “multi-signature” wallet for businesses with convenient DeFi integration. Formerly known as Gnosis Safe, its community voted to split from Gnosis DAO in April 2022. Safe has just taken a step towards decentralization with the launch of SafeDAO and a $SAFE token.


Christie’s, known for embracing the world of digital art, has taken another step into the world of NFTs. The announcement follows Christie’s new venture capital firm, called Christie’s Ventures, which will fund emerging technology and finance companies relevant to the art market.

The very first global auction house to conduct sales entirely on the NFT Blockchain: Christie’s 3.0. The entity is building from the ground up with three leading companies in the Web3 community
manifoldxyz, chainalysis, spatialxr. The inaugural sale features nine NFTs by 18-year-old artist Diana Sinclair, who in 2021 was on Fortune’s list of the 50 most influential people in the NFT world.


Shop, SuperRare

Announcing our first $RARE token-gated swag drop! you will need at least 100 RARE in your wallet to add the collection to your cart.

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Eterstain allows you to develop your Web3 community

This is what eterstain, connect Web 3 businesses with relevant communities and creators. From Strategy to Execution that enables a 3 web marketing approach by combining partnerships and community building strategies. Eterstain will make sure you have a solid foundation in place, along with a bespoke roadmap.

Art: Payphone

BEEF-E (Payphone) is a model of human intelligence that generates art from any prompt you give! Or just call to say hello.

Fight ad fraud with blockchain

By 2023, advertisers’ total loss from ad fraud could skyrocket to $100 billion. VeraViews solves the problem of end-to-end based ad fraud with unparalleled transparency. It is built around the patented “Proof of View” (PoV) fraud identification technology of Verasity to deliver unmatched transaction speeds and accountability. Which is unprecedented in an industry where people have to wait up to six months to get paid.

the 5 countries most affected by advertising fraud: US, Japan, China, South Korea, United Kingdom

The Zero Knowledge, a key feature of innovations

Zero-knowledge systems represent powerful and foundational technologies that hold the keys to blockchain scalability, represent the future of privacy-preserving applications within (and beyond) LA crypto/web3, and will be a key feature countless innovations to come.


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Massa, a multithreaded blockchain, CHRISTIE’S 3.0, Novaquark, the metaverse differently – Veille Web3

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