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PRESS RELEASE. There are over 300 crypto-exchanges today, almost all of them offer the same poor features identical to major exchanges such as Binance. MemeBank is not a lazy copy of the successors but an ambitious project that aims to drive revolutionary changes. According to its official announcement, MemeBank ($MBK) will soon be listed on Pancakeswap on June 7, 2022.

The development team defines the project as a centralized exchange that focuses solely on listing and trading memecoins, tokens with high growth potential and strong appeal to young adults. The famous resemblance is Dogecoin, which was a lazy copy of Bitcoin originally designed to be used to pay restaurant tips. The price of the token skyrocketed 500x in just two years. However, behind the success of Dogecoin are many memecoins that have been left behind. On average, there are 20-30 new blockchain project launches per day and most of them will die out due to lack of subscribers and early marketing. To help increase the survivability of projects, MemeBank introduces a list voting solution that effectively facilitates public acceptance of projects. MemeBank is a CEX that charges no listing fees, instead projects only need to garner enough upvotes to be listed.


As Alec Rubal, one of the co-founders of MemeBank, pointed out, “An exchange can’t make money when its users can’t profit from it.” MemeBank is not only startup-friendly but also beginner-friendly. The team from the beginning has aligned its interests closely with those of the users. Its tokenomics demonstrates a set of Web3 features, including trading fee management. Most CEXs do not list memecoins and startup projects, while DEXs usually charge higher trading fees. MemeBank integrates the benefits of both into one, a CEX that offers memecoin trading while charging significantly lower trading fees. Not only that, the exchange redistributes 100% of trading fees to the community to pay dividends to $MBK holders as well as to reward users who make referrals. Tokenomics in itself points to sustained growth in MemeBank’s user base.

What’s even more exciting are the upcoming features of MemeBank that haven’t been seen in the industry yet. MemeBank development revealed in a previous statement that the project will also focus on gamification and socialization of crypto-trading, which looks like reverse-engineering GameFi. First, MemeBank introduces a PVP competition where two users can bet on their monthly rate of return or the future market price of a particular token, both users must submit their bet amount to the exchange before the competition . Once the contest is over, MemeBank will decide the winner and distribute the reward accordingly. A leaderboard will be set up to rank users based on their PVP win rate. Users who have a higher success rate enjoy a series of privileges, including official NFTs and a highlighted name tag.

MemeBank will also introduce the tribal system which functions as a spontaneously organized mutual. Each MemeBank user can create their own tribes, and others can pay a monthly subscription fee that goes to the tribal treasury to join the tribe. The founder of the tribe serves as a portfolio manager who invests the tribal treasury in different projects. Tribes will also be ranked in a ranking based on their annualized net return and size of tribal treasury. Users can also see how much the tribe founder has invested in the fund to understand if there is a strong alignment of interests.

As for the socializing part, each project listed on MemeBank has a separate live chat where users can share memes, thoughts, and financial analysis of the project. To ensure that the best investors are the loudest, users who have a higher success rate will be granted priority speaking privilege as well as message pinning. Project managers can also update their project development and news on the live chat. With this feature available, MemeBank will become a one-stop platform that meets socializing and investing needs.

Of all the blockchain projects we see, only those whose development team puts brain and sweat into it can finally succeed, and MemeBank with such level of innovation will surely become the next rising star of crypto exchanges after Binance.

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MemeBank Will List On Pancakeswap On June 7 – Bitcoin News Press Release

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