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NFT Reservations: Rather than canceling your hotel reservation, you can now resell it as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Takyon, a startup based in Italy, has just launched a new NFT reservations system. The company’s goal is to transform the way people plan their trips.

NFT reservations are resalable, which means that in the event that the customer wishes to cancel their trip, they can simply sell it to someone else. A concept that will undoubtedly be much appreciated, especially in this economic context marked by uncertainty and volatility.

When a customer books a “resalable stay”, the company generates a non-fungible token that represents that booking. Thus, the customer can easily resell his reservation to anyone and anywhere in the world. This, without knowing the buyer, nor having to establish a relationship of trust with him.

Non-fungible tokens at the service of tourism

Takyon is an innovative startup managed by three young entrepreneurs: Antonio Picozzi, Giuseppe Monteleone and Niccolò Francesco Marino. The trio’s goal is to change the market for travel reservations in Italy. In just a few days after its launch, the company attracted 5,000 followers on Instagram and more than 1,300 visits to its website.

Takyon hopes to become the leader in NFT reservations for stays and experiences. This, by offering its customers a flexible, sustainable and unique service.

The company can turn a booking into an NFT by removing the buyer’s name and making it resalable. It does, however, charge a “resale fee,” which is non-refundable. However, these are 20% lower than the rates for standard refundable reservations.

NFT reservations: an advantageous system

Antonio Picozzi, CEO and co-founder of Takyon, believes that tourism establishments, including hotels, need a new paradigm “that simplifies procedures used for years”. Mr. Picozzi believes that non-fungible tokens are the missing piece of the puzzle.

“We want to create a new paradigm in the travel reservation system. This, by moving from the current model of nominal reservations to reservations in the form of NFT. In this way, our users will be able to exchange trips and create unique experiences and memories”.

For his part, Giuseppe Monteleone, co-founder and marketing director of the startupprefers to talk about advantages rather than changes.

“It offers many benefits to everyone in the travel industry and our partners support us. A few days ago we launched the first NFT with the Grand Hotel Victoria. This is an emblematic hotel that is located next to Lake Como [en Italie]. Other partners join us to benefit from the exclusive advantages offered by our network”.

An opportunity for speculators?

Just like in the industry Ticketing NFT, speculators could start buying vacation packages months or even a year in advance. They will then have the possibility of reselling them to people who plan their holidays at the last minute, and who would be ready to pay double for these packages.


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NFT reservations: rather than cancel your trip, sell it! – BeinCrypto France

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