NFT: the new version of OpenSea reduces your transaction costs

NFTs victims of their own success – The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are like the rest of cryptocurrencies: a innovation extraordinary and promising technology but also an inexhaustible source ofscams of all kinds. And OpenSeathe number one platform, do not escape the phenomenon. Users have been waiting for a reaction, it has finally arrived in the form of new features that increase security against ” crypto spam“. Note also that a new protocol will be deployed in order to reduce costs in particular. Finally some good news for digital art collectors!

More security and protection on the NFT platform

Over the past few years, we have all noticed the arrival of what are called Spam in our mailboxes. The principle is simple: someone malicious sends you a message that prompts you to click on a link. Once you click, you open a door to your system and the pirate can perform various actions ranging from stealing your data to much worse.

On OpenSea, we see the same kind of technique: you receive a NFT as a “gift” and out of curiosity you will to click to learn more about the artist or the collection. And the next minute, you will have lost all or part of your wallet. Experience, oh so traumatic…

To combat this, Devin Finzer, the founder and CEO of OpenSea has just announced on the company’s official blog new features :

  • NFTs considered as “ unwanted will be dropped into a special inbox. It’s up to you to check theorigin before clicking on it (like for an email)
  • You can manage this special box by adding – or removing – manually questionable NFTs. Indeed, it is also possible that NFTs of yours end up there by mistake, so you will have to consult it regularly.
  • OpenSea also wishes to fight more effectively against the violation of the property intellectual. They foresee an increase in the number of moderators to reduce the processing time for reports.

Devin Finzer kind of makes amends and hopes that in the future” removing these kinds of elements from the platform will improve its overall performance. » But the latter also has a little surprise in store for users.

The NFT platform gets a makeover and strengthens user protection

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Pay less for your transactions? A new protocol deployed

On June 14, the OpenSea platform migrated to a new protocol called Seaport. According to its creators, it is a game changer ! It is indeed “open source and inherently decentralized, which will allow anyone to develop and create new features”. The main innovations relate to gas costs and offers to buy by “collection” or by “characteristic”.

First of all, regarding the gas costswe are talking here about a decrease in 35% on average over transactions. Which is of course good news for all NFT lovers on a tight budget. Then, this new protocol will allow the 100 best collections to be opened to new purchase offers:

  • by collection : ie for all the articles of the same collection.
  • depending on some features : ie for different articles having common characteristics.
  • by attributes specific to different collections.

Finally, different information will now be available for each item: the rarity percentage, the floor price and the highest bid. All this so that “you had the best information to decide on the amount to offer”. So, ready for a new digital shopping experience?

OpenSea has therefore modified its exchange platform to further protect the user and changed its protocol to improve the user’s experience. The consumer is at the heart of the concerns of this NFT giant and we are delighted. Especially since OpenSea had to manage suspicions of conflict of interest of one of its product managers. It was time to restore confidence to customers already heckled by a capricious market.

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NFT: the new version of OpenSea reduces your transaction costs

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