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SEBA, one of the first duly regulated Swiss crypto-banks, extends its digital custody services to hand-picked NFTs.

An institutional-grade NFT custody service

SEBA Bank, a banking platform dedicated to digital assets and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) since 2019, launches a new institutional-grade custodial service dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

SEBA Bank is proud to be the first regulated bank to offer NFT custody, and with NFTs held in their Swiss bank account, clients can include them in their total wealth picture and manage them like any other. other digital asset.

Communicated of SEBA Bank

A service reserved for flagships of the genre circulating on the Ethereum blockchain. In fact, the bank’s individual or institutional clients can already store their precious Bored Ape Yacht Club, Clone X or CryptoPunks NFTs there. Other collections will be able to benefit from this service, but only after having received the approval of SEBA which seeks to favor sure values ​​(the “blue chip”). Because, despite a gloomy marketsome NFTs continue to trade for millions of dollars.

And therefore, to attract the greed of ill-intentioned actors.

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A custody solution adapted to different profiles

In fact, SEBA Bank’s custody solution, which allows users not to manage their private keys themselves, may seem ideal for a certain number of them. The “not your keys, not your NFT” issue is often the least of the concerns of investors who prefer security to property.

They don’t want the key because they don’t even know how to store and handle it. They are more afraid of doing something wrong with the key than giving it to a bank.

Urs Bernegger, co-head of markets and investment solutions at the Swiss bank, quoted in The Block

But beyond that, institutional custody can also promote the use of NFTs in businesses by serving as collateral for traditional banking services such as loans.

This service is thus added to the SEBA catalog which raised $119 million earlier this year for develop a new DeFi and NFT-oriented product offering. At the time, the bank revealed that, despite growing business and an almost tenfold increase in revenue, it had not yet reached its break-even point.

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NFTs under bank protection – CryptoActu

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