Olympia launches into NFTs

Olympia is stepping into Web3 . The famous concert hall announced on Wednesday the launch of a series of NFTs called “The O’Gs”. These digital assets, whose authenticity and ownership are ensured by blockchain technology, will allow their holders to benefit from numerous advantages.

A total of 250 NFTs will be offered for sale by the concert hall. 15 tokens will give access to one free concert per year and for life to their holders. 4 NFT will allow to see 4 concerts per year. And an NFT, which will be auctioned off, will grant a pass that will allow two people to attend 12 concerts a year. All remaining NFTs will allow spectators to benefit from a skip the line as well as a free cloakroom.

Enrich the spectator experience

These membership cards in NFT format will go on sale on July 6 at a price of 100 euros. They will represent unique avatars, designed by artists from the Gobelins school. The NFT auction to attend 12 concerts will end on July 11, and the profits from the sale will be donated to an association.

For the Olympia, the objective of this project is twofold. “We have wanted for a long time to create a membership card to enrich the experience of our spectators”, explains Laurent de Cerner, the president of the Olympia. “We were also looking to bring the Olympia into digital and digital. The management of the Olympia also highlights the conquest of a younger audience, sensitive to the world of cryptos. A strategy that the hall has already initiated by developing its urban music programming.

Seducing the Olympia “community”

The technological part of the project was entrusted to Tailor NFT, a marketplace incubated at Station F, and specialized in the marketing of show tickets in NFT format. NFTs will run on Polygon, a blockchain derived from Ethereum.

“The whole point of the NFT is to have a membership card whose ownership can be validated and traced thanks to the blockchain”, underlines Julien Ranquere, one of the co-founders of Tailor NFT, who praises the adequacy between the needs of the room and NFT technology. “An NFT is essentially a membership card. To own an NFT is to belong to a community,” explains the entrepreneur.

Convert an uninformed audience

Tailor NFT has chosen to host on its platform, at least initially, the cryptographic keys identifying each NFT and its owner. Payment can also be made with a simple credit card. The goal is to simplify the procedures for neophytes wishing to acquire Olympia NFTs and avoid having to have a non-hosted “wallet”, such as a Metamask, to store the NFT.

“Our ambition is to reach the general public, which is not necessarily crypto-educated,” says Julien Ranquere. NFT holders will still be able to resell their tokens via the Tailor platform. In a second step, the date of which is currently undefined, NFT Olympia holders will be able to transfer their tokens to their non-hosted wallets.

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Olympia launches into NFTs

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