Onlyfans founder gets into crypto and NFTs with an unexpected project

tim stokley, the founder of the Onlyfans platform, has just announced its arrival in the world of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT). In a press release, the British businessman announced the creation of Zoop. The platform will “to buy, sell, collect and trade 3D digital playing cards” issued by celebrities or influencers.

Mirroring OpenSea or Magic Eden, Zoop will simplybuy digital works at auction. In a similar vein, eBay recently launched a collection of NFTs featuring famous athletes, such as Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretsky.

Zoop arrives in the world of NFTs

According to Zoop, the “digital trading cards” will favor “a closer connection between the fan and the influencer”. Several personalities have already entered the market for non-fungible tokens, claiming to want to strengthen ties with their community. This is the case of Magic Johnsonformer basketball star, or even Tom Brady, the National Football League player. The athlete has also launched Autograph. This site offers celebrities from sports, culture and fashion to sell NFTs to their fans, including autographs and other digital collectibles.

As the metaverse grows, many brands are leveraging NFTs to federate their community while generating profits. In this context, Zoop wants to allow fans to come together around their common passion, a bit like a social network. “Fans can buy, sell and trade cards, as well as participate in competitions and challenges to earn points, unlocking special rewards, including access to like-minded communities”underlines the press release.

A family platform very different from Onlyfans

Ex-CEO of Onlyfans, Tim Stokley will take the lead of the platform with help from RJ Phillips, another former leader of the social network specializing in NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. Focused on the relationship between fans and celebrities, Zoop seems very close to the approach of Onlyfans. Nevertheless, the new NFT marketplace is intended for all audiences.

In an interview with our colleagues from The BlockStokley indeed specifies that Zoop is a platform “family” whose the business model will be different from that of OnlyFans. The platform will go online in the summer of 2022. From June, Zoop will unveil the list of the first celebrities to join the project.

To attract Internet users ahead of the launch, the company will offer passes in limited quantities. These passes will allow you to enjoy a “host of benefits, both in application and in real life”. Thanks to his expertise, will Tim Stokley manage to impose Zoop on a market already dominated by platforms like Sorare, Autograph or Gods Unchained?

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Onlyfans founder gets into crypto and NFTs with an unexpected project

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