Play-to-Earn Gaming Platform Tamadoge’s TAMA Crypto To List On OKX On Tuesday, September 27

The TAMA token will therefore be listed and available for purchase and trading from Tuesday, September 27 at 11:00 UTC (1:00 p.m. in France).

This news is a major step forward for the project. The TAMA token completed its pre-sale only last week, having raised a remarkable $19 million from investors who were keenly interested in the project.

The presale took place at a steady pace, to be completed in barely two months. The project’s gaming system was able to stand out and arouse the interest of the crypto community in record time.

TAMA token owners will be able to claim their tokens purchased during the presale, on Tuesday 27 at 07:00 UTC (09:00 in France), by visiting the claim page which will be accessible on the official website

OKX announced today that clients who are unable to access their centralized exchange for regulatory reasons, will be able to trade TAMA on its decentralized exchange (DEX). The listing of the TAMA on the OKX DEX will take place on Tuesday, September 27 at 17:00 UTC (19:00 in France).

OKX is the second most important crypto exchange platform

OKX is the second-largest crypto exchange by volume according to crypto data site CoinGecko, with a daily trading volume of around $2 billion.
Tamadoge has entered into an exclusivity agreement with OKX for its initial exchange offering (IEO) on its exchange platform.

The presale of Tamadoge started on July 25, with the price per token starting at $0.01 and then increasing in successive stages to $0.03 per token. The presale was successfully completed, with a total of 1 billion TAMA tokens purchased by investors.

Some crypto analysts predict that TAMA could experience significant price increases, possibly rivaling the 8,000% achieved by Dogecoin.

In the last hour of the presale, a crypto whale bought for 55 ETH (about $73,000 at the current price) from Tamadoge, which could confirm the persistent rumors that the project has major investors.

The Tamadoge Pet Store is coming in the fourth quarter of 2022

The production of the game continues at a good pace, while the very experienced management team is working on the release of the Tamadoge Pet Store in the fourth quarter of 2022, as well as the implementation of the combat rankings and P2E for the game.

Thomas Seabrook, who previously worked at WMS, Voodoo and StarDigital, is lead game developer and Carl Dawkins, formerly at SocialBox, is responsible for growth.

Tamadoge is a project that has everything to become known to all

Tamadoge is at the forefront of a new wave of meme cryptocurrencies offering real utility and value.

The game aims to become a consumer product by introducing the P2E format to a new audience and, most importantly, by ensuring that the reward mechanism is first and foremost part of a fun and enjoyable experience.

The first previews of the game will be available “very soon”, according to announcements of the project on social networks.

The GameFi sector is one of the areas where crypto projects are likely to emerge first and become known, which helps to arouse the interest of players in the cryptocurrency market.

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Play-to-Earn Gaming Platform Tamadoge’s TAMA Crypto To List On OKX On Tuesday, September 27

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