Press Release – Trade360 Offers Crypto CFDs to Clients 24/7

Trade360 has announced that its traders can now have full round-the-clock access to crypto CFD trading on the company’s various trading platforms.


Clients can trade cryptocurrencies via CFDs

While the traditional trading market shuts down for the weekend from Friday evening, the crypto world allows traders to trade throughout the week.

Trade360 clients can now take advantage of even more market opportunities by trading cryptocurrencies via CFDs through the MT5 platform, allowing them to trade market liquidity and hedge risk exposure without owning the underlying tokens or need a digital wallet.

Look up digital currencies via the WebTrader platform

Traders can now view some of the most popular digital currencies, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Tether and Solana, and more, by visiting our platform Web Trader or by consulting our trading app award-winning, available on iOS and Android.

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the Trade360 company spokesperson, Jon Richardssays: “We are delighted to announce that we now offer our clients 24/7 cryptocurrency trading via CFDs, in addition to our extensive range of existing asset classes. Interest in digital currencies has reached new heights in recent years as blockchain has disrupted the financial status quo.Our mission is to continuously improve and strengthen the offering we provide to our clients, finding new ways to innovate and exit of the lot, in an extremely competitive online market.

This latest initiative will allow Trade360 investors to maximize their trading capabilities, opening up their entire trading week to potentially exciting new investment opportunities on desktop and mobile devices, anywhere, anytime. At Trade360, we encourage a 360 degree approach to online trading, constantly striving to serve our clients in the best possible way. a long list of improvements that we have made, in order to best meet the trading needs of our valued customers.”

About Trade360

Trade360 is a multi-award winning online broker regulated in both the European Union (CySEC) and Australia (ASIC). The company was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs and technology experts, whose main goal was – and remains – to empower the general public to participate in the trading craze and the opportunities offered by global financial markets. Trade360 has long been considered one of the leading trading brands in the industry, offering a wide range of opportunities for traders of all experience levels, whether beginners or experienced.

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Press Release – Trade360 Offers Crypto CFDs to Clients 24/7

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