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The reception reserved for NFT tokens is rarely positive when it comes to getting out of the crypto zone. Because their integration into already existing economic and social models upsets the balance established until then. With the main reason invoked an ecological impact often unknown, but whatever happens too important. However, certain formulas seem to have an almost surprising adoption. As in the case of Reddit who sees explode the number of its crypto wallets since the launch of his NFT profile pictures.

The options made possible by the integration of NFT tokens are as numerous as the fields in which they can be applied. And at present, the only real obstacle to their encounter with the traditional economy is mainly to be found in the rejection expressed by the communities concerned. With the sector most hostile to this digital innovation, gaming enthusiasts strongly opposed to adding this feature yet developed to their advantage.

Fortunately, other universes seem less closed to the arrival of these digital files of a new kind. For example social networks and integrating them in the form of profile pictures (PFP) or of custom usernames. An option already available on Twitter, but only for holders of paid “Blue” type accounts. And a service also set up since last July on Reddit. With the launch of its avatars called CryptoSnoo. And obviously, the success is very clearly there…


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Reddit – 2.5 million NFT wallets

It’s an established fact, the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanianis an avid cryptocurrency lover and all that relates to it. Probable reason why this social network platform has been able to resist widespread mistrust when it comes to rubbing shoulders with NFT tokens. Because since June of this year, it offers its users custom profile pictures as a collection called CryptoSnoo. The latter sold at an initial price ranging from $9.99 to a maximum of $99.99 and are currently all sold out. All complemented by an airdrop – in August – for its users with the highest “karmas”, with four specific collections.

And according to the latest figures made public by Pali Bhat, Product Director of Reddit, during the event TechCrunch Disrupt this formula is very successful. Indeed, the establishment of this collection of NFT profile images would be alone at the origin of the creation of more than 2.5 million of its crypto Vault walletsdeployed on the Polygon network (MATIC). This with the exclusive aim of acquiring one of these 40,000 avatars created in partnership with 30 renowned artists.


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An impressive figure representing more than 80% of the 3 million Vault wallets created on Reddit since its implementation. Knowing that by way of comparison, Opensea platform accounts for a little more than 2.3 million users through the Ethereum network since its creation, according to the figures of Dune Analytics.

This integration is therefore a real success for Reddit. With, recently, an opening of this option to any type of NFTs, from the moment the account holder can prove ownership. That is to say on the current model of Twitter.

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Reddit – Millions of users have already adopted his NFT profile pictures – CryptoActu

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