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Following the launch at the end of 2021 of a $250 million fund to promote the creation of NFTs on its XRP Ledger (XRPL) network, Ripple has just announced the 2nd wave of creators who will use its blockchain network to launch their NFT projects.

Wishing to diversify its activity, and above all not to miss the bandwagon of non-fungible tokens, the crypto startup Ripple is doing its utmost to attract digital artists as well as companies whose activity revolves around the promising business of NFTs.

In a article on its site, Ripple has listed some NFT creators who will be able to benefit from the $250 million fund, the Ripple’s Creator Fundintended to promote the creation of non-fungible tokens on its network XRP Ledger.

A second wave of partners that focuses on NFT (music, sports, gaming, metaverse) entertainment projects, says Ripple.

Wishing To accelerate the future of tokenization, Ripple lists some creators that it will therefore welcome on its blockchain network XRP Ledger (XRPL):

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A metaverse experience that offers a unique “front row seat” to live and virtual concerts, productions, talks and awards shows via NFT tickets.

A Japanese metaverse music show that provides customizable NFT avatars and digital clothing that will soon be enabled on the XRP Ledger.

Capital Block
A leading Web 3 destination for sports club fans around the world to purchase digital assets and access exclusive Web3 content, games and rewards.

Cross-Metaverse Avatars
An avatar tool to design and create unique cross-metaverse NFT avatars by mixing traits from fan-favorite NFT projects and brands.

NFT Master
The first XRPL marketplace that will allow creators to upload videos and get paid instantly using the XRP Ledger or use their issued NFTs as a streaming pass.

SYFR Projects
An IP production company for artists with innovative music and video deals that can be digitized as smart deals on the XRP Ledger.

Thinking Crypto
An NFT project that will give holders access to exclusive interviews with top crypto leaders in the space.

Beyond this fund to help create NFT projects, some big brands have also chosen to use Ripple’s network to launch their non-fungible tokens.

Thereby, Ducati is to launch its first collection of NFTs on Ripple’s XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain network, Click here to read our article.

The car manufacturer Lotus Cars will also launch NFTs on Ripple’s XRPL blockchain.

Not to mention NFTs dedicated to the basketball legend Michael Jordan also to be launched on the XRP Ledger network, Click here to know more.

An NFT sector that arouses envy, the giant Nike has already harvested $185 million through the sale of non-fungible tokens.
Just like Ripple, Puma, LG, eBay, Matteland Starbucks have also embarked on the Web3 and NFT adventure.

An XRP price currently around $0.47 on Binance.

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Ripple announces the 2nd wave of creators who will use its XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain network to launch their NFT projects – Bitcoin Crypto Advice

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