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Ripple continues to defend itself against the SEC and offers a new stunt that seems to be very appreciated by the crypto sector.

Ripple deals another blow to the SEC

Could Ripple’s legal troubles be coming to an end? After two long years of battling against American authority, the crypto company seems better able to tip the scales in its favor. The latter chained the blows, invalidating the argument of the SEC before obtaining support from the side of justice. While its opponent is just recovering from having to prove Ripple right thanks to an old speech from 2018, the XRP creation team has not said its last word.

Indeed, it has decided to weaken the SEC permanently with the help of an incendiary letter conveyed on the internet. Published yesterday, the document mentions all the errors and contradictions of the American authority. His decision not to call on experts is particularly criticized there. I-Remit and TapJets had indeed been mandated to participate in the trials. The latter, who had nothing to do with Ripple and were intended to provide a neutral opinion on the matter, were quickly dismissed by the SEC.

Source: John E Deaton’s Twitter account

In its letter, the Ripple team also suggests that the US authorities have limited their participation for fear that the latter will come to corroborate the accusations. The case had already caused an uproar when it was announced, but the crypto company seems to want to recall all the apparent misdeeds of the SEC in order to put the odds on its side.

For the moment, the American authority has not responded to the letter. The next showdown between the latter and Ripple will tell us if it will have been forced to bow to the industry, which would represent a considerable advantage for crypto in the United States.

The company token finds colors

Since the start of the trial, the price of the XRP token has undeniably been subject to the whims of justice. Oscillating alternately between fall and flash rise, the latter seems to have found favor with the public as well as an eminently upward trend. A phenomenon that was confirmed after the publication of Ripple’s letter, keeping the price of XRP in the green.

Source: XRP price according to CoinMarketCap

Enough to give life to many speculations like the prediction of the Simpsons which might prove to be valid. However, the continuity of the rise of XRP is still subject to many elements. First of all to the response of the SEC, which could make the token tumble in the event of a concrete argument to oppose to the letter. The market, although generally favorable during the month of October, could also send the charts plunging in the event of a new event disturbing the crypto.


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Ripple: XRP Rebounds After Incendiary Letter to SEC – BeinCrypto

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