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Web 3.0, or Web3, is considered the next stage in the evolution of the Internet and could be an even bigger paradigm shift than the Web 2.0 era.

Web 3.0 is built on the fundamental concepts of decentralization, transparency, and greater usefulness to users in all application domains, from messaging and games to metaverse and virtual reality applications ( RV), as well as digital asset trading.

The potential impact of Web 3.0 is unprecedented, considering the size and scope of all the potential niches involved:

Secretum The Messaging App for the Web3 Era BeinCrypto

As the growth of cryptocurrency messaging, trading, and holding has skyrocketed, an ever-increasing number of security and privacy concerns have come to the fore.

A number of messaging apps have become the target of multiple data hacks, cyber thefts and privacy breaches:

  1. The European Union’s privacy watchdog has inflicted on whatsapp a fine of 255 million euros for breach of data processing and sharing in September 2021.
  2. Telegram was hacked in August 2020, which exposed the personal data of more than 500 million users.
  3. In 2019, hackers managed to insert spy software into the phones of WhatsApp users, allowing them tointercept private communications.
  4. A Discord server managed by the NFT Fractal platform was hacked in January 2022, its members losing over $150,000 in tokens.
  5. Brazil has purely and simply banned Telegram in March 2022 for reasons of false information.
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With the accelerating boom in crypto holding and its convergence with messaging, the market is desperately looking for a credible, secure, and easy-to-use solution for seamless crypto asset communication and trading.

This revolutionary solution exists: it is called secretum.

Secretum: A Revolutionary Messaging Service Based on Solana

Secretum is a revolutionary decentralized, encrypted and secure messaging application built on the cutting-edge blockchain Solana. Thanks to a state-of-the-art architecture, it also allows its users to trade crypto assets as easily as sending an SMS.

The features and benefits of Secretum are unparalleled:

  1. All user messages are fully encrypted and stored on verified, network-agnostic nodes secretumwhich means that hackers cannot access it as is the case in mail services cloud-based such as WhatsApp.
  2. There is no single point of failure or storage of information: this prevents large-scale hacks or leaks, such as those that affected Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  3. The most secure and anonymous registration process only requires a crypto wallet address, which guarantees complete and uncompromising privacy for all users.
  4. Staking options and rewards with the native SER token for users who send messages and provision new nodes to expand the Secretum network.
  5. An easy, intuitive and purely P2P exchange interface for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  6. Record fees and almost instantaneous transactions, thanks to Solana’s ability to carry out 700,000 transactions per second for an average cost per transaction of only $0.00025.
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Secretum offers the following features within a single application:

  • A superior email solution free from all the risks and weaknesses of existing email platforms.
  • An unprecedented trading solution for all types of cryptocurrencies, with instant P2P asset exchange at almost zero cost (compared to 2.5% transaction fee means taken by NFT platforms such as OpenSea).
  • An ideal storage solution that leverages independent node architecture, ensuring usage information cannot be accessed, stolen, or misused by governments, hackers, or cybercriminals.

With its messaging and trading capabilities, Secretum is able to serve a growing market of over 3 billion messaging platform users and over 290 million cryptocurrency holders. Its ultimate goal is ambitious but simple: to become the messaging application par excellence of the Web 3.0 era.

Participate in the final round of the Secretum Private Token Sale, with 3,000,000 SER tokens at a rate of $0.50.

Deadline: April 22, 2022, at midnight EET or when the allocated SER tokens will be sold.


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Secretum: The Messaging App for the Web3 Era – BeinCrypto

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