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While the Shiba Inu community dreams of reaching the token dollar and marks it as a big goal, it’s not sure that at the crucial moment investors will strive to hold more.

What behaviors would SHIB investors adopt?

Sometimes communities of a cryptocurrency get fired up, they set a goal and don’t want to give up or give up until they reach it. Very often, this objective may seem crazy, unreasonable, but above all out of reach; will the reality be different for the SHIB?

The Shiba Inu community may be shouting from the rooftops that it is necessary to hold up to dollars, no one can really assure that no profit taking will be made, or at least partial profit taking.

And who could blame investors for doing so, when some holders would become millionaires with a SHIB worth just $0.1 or even $0.01?

Watcher Guru traced this eventuality with a simple question asked in the United States and India. What would the concerned investor do if the price of SHIB reached $0.01 – a price that is still a long way off and much more realistic at first than the dollar that the community has been waiting for?

You don’t need to reach the dollar to be a millionaire

An American investor from Iowa, for example, did not hesitate long on what he would do with a SHIB having removed several zeros from his credit. Indeed, according to Watcher Guru’s investigation, Darin Ripey would sell all of his tokens or a large part of them, in order to proceed with the purchase of his own house. Possessing hundreds of millions of SHIB tokens, so he doesn’t have to wait for a dollar price sale to be a millionaire.

Like this investor from Iowa, many would decide to sell when their personal goal rather than that of the community is achieved.

For an Indian investor who decided to remain anonymous, he would also proceed with a sale of his tokens because he would thus obtain complete financial independence with his earnings. Indeed, he would also become a millionaire since he has nearly 136 million chips, and could earn more than his current salary with the annual interest collected on the million dollars that his bank account would then have. No longer wishing to be indebted to superiors, he would then embark on other projects with complete financial certainty.

Like these two people, many investors would focus on their personal fortune and not on the objectives proclaimed by the Shibarmy on social networks. Indeed, holders holding millions, sometimes even billions of tokens, can become millionaires without waiting for the symbolic dollar, and thus make profitable a sometimes very low initial investment, of only a few hundred dollars for some.

What elements could drive up the price of the SHIB token?

In any case, the ShibArmy is multiplying initiatives to increase the price of SHIB in the short or long term, in particular through the withdrawal of tokens from circulation. As Ethereum whales continue to buy steadily, the launch of new “products” promises some promise to shake up the price of the token.

Regularly, these products multiply, and there are now several of them: the Shibarium, the metaverse surrounding the SHIB, the burning of tokens through Amazon’s affiliate program or even the regular daily shipments of hundreds of millions of SHIB to the dead wallets listed on the available portal, the Shibburn.

At the moment, however, the price of SHIB is following the course of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which have been steadily falling in recent days.


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SHIB: Would investors sell their tokens before getting to the dollar? – BeinCrypto France

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