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Shiba Inu has been long overdue with the release of its mobile game ShibaEternity. The application is now available, what are the consequences for the token?

Shiba Inu diversifies its services

Decidedly, the dogs have the side of the crypto side! While Tamadoge has become the hot new canine coin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are coming up against whole new competition. While Elon Musk’s favorite token appears to be stagnating despite recent Twitter buyout announcements, Shiba Inu is trying to expand its influence.

Very popular within the crypto sector, Shiba Inu joined the world of mobile games by releasing his own card game, ShibaEternity. He was eagerly awaited by his community, where enthusiasm grew as the event approached. Indeed, many holders hope that this consumer application will be able to win over new investors and therefore raise the price of the token. The community seems to be holding its breath right now as the SHIB team just announced the game’s availability.

Source: Shiba Inu’s Twitter account

The game is only in its infancy and a guide should soon be made available to the public in order to begin its first battles. Moreover, ShibaEternity is profiled as a classic mobile card game made of dogs to collect, train and customize as well as fights between players. A few hours after the announcement of the Shiba Inu team, ShibaEternity would have already gathered around ten thousand downloads, no doubt from the community. Despite everything, the first bugs have already been reported, suggesting that the game will need a period of adjustment before possibly exploding.

Inconspicuous consequences on the SHIB?

Will ShibaEternity be enough to restore some popularity to the SHIB token as its community hopes? After a seesaw course since September, it seems that the small canine part has stabilized and resumed an upward slope. However, progress is still far from the explosion hoped for by holders.

Source: SHIB monthly price according to CoinMarketCap

Other projects could also promote the course of the Shiba Inu, like the associated metaverse. While the project management team has just post some previews of what this new virtual world should look like, the canine token saw its value rise slightly. Finally, in a more general way, the apparent improvement of the crypto market could in turn allow the SHIB to regain highs. The small coin is of interest to investors again and a few whales have made it their playground. However, for now, all hopes are pinned on the new game of the project. Time will tell if ShibaEternity has been able to please the public and attract some neophytes to the world of memecoins.


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Shiba Inu: the ShibaEternity game is now available to the public, any new hope for the token? – BeinCrypto France

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